White Widow Autos Harvest time?

Hello All, This is my first grow so i am asking for help. Is it time to harvest yet. I have 4 WW Autos. 2 really look like its time or very close to time. Attached is pics. On one plant i see a few amber trichomes maybe 1 %? It looks like most are cloudy from what i can tell. Most of the pistils are brown on these 2 also. I would just like some other eyes on them to verify.
Thanks and Peace out.


Definitely getting close. You still have some clear trichomes. Ideally you want to harvest when trichs are at 100% cloudy. If you are wanting a little couch lock then you can let them go until you see some amber. Good luck and happy harvesting :+1:

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I just cut down a WWA, she was 11 weeks into an 8 week flower lol. She’s currently at day 5 of drying. Very little amber trichomes on the buds, a lot on the sugar leaves. Couldn’t wait any longer, needed the space lol.

Something I learned or realized last grow was when figuring plant age IE: 3 weeks of flower, 8 weeks flower etc. Dont forget that there is a week or 2 of "transition " time between seedling and veg and between veg and flower. I found myself 2/4 weeks off on my estimated ages due to not realizing this and it can make decisions on plant care wrong due to this. It drove me nuts until I figured this out cause I always thought my plants were lagging. I even harvested too early (due to this) on my 2nd grow.

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With her being an auto, I started counting flower time when she started showing pistils.

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Thanks All, I’m going to give them some more time. The girls keep calling on me to cut them down or maybe it just the voices in my head.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: