Is this harvest ready?

Hi all,

First time grower here. Got AK47 and White Widow auto. I think one of my WW is almost to harvest with the other plants close behind. It was 8 weeks from seed on the 17th of Sept, in Australia. So 9 weeks from seed now. Been growing indoors under lights until frost stopped. Then went in ground. Only a foot high so a small plant. Just wondering on if it’s ok to harvest now or do I give it another week or 2?

Thanks in advance

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Another 2 or 3 weeks. When those pistils all turn brown check the trichomes.


Some more pics of the full plant… maybe even a month or more … need to see the whole plant.


Will take one in a few minutes

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Long long ways… keep her safe!!


LoL… what happened to the one in the peat pot beside her!!!

That was part of a second lot 4 weeks after the first. That’s only half the stalk, was a looong shoot to the leaves.
Dammit, with covid its been impossible to buy it here, I really need a bit of relaxation this weekend. Lol oh well rather do it right.

You probably have 8 weeks left on her. Harvest now and you would MAYBE get high for 15 minutes all in the head.


@Amazon66 this is my journal kinda

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Did I tag you into mine, I’ll check if not I will. I’ve been growing inside alittle over a year with this forum and this summer was my first outside grow. It’s fun to watch each other and help each other get the best grows we can. :sunflower::sunflower:


@Amazon66 Just wondering if you had heard that it’s best to wait until the leaves start dying before you harvest. Or is that not a good idea?

Best way is to get a usb microscope from walmarts about 20 to 25 bucks on their site and u can see tricomes like these with it.


In Australia, not America. Best I can do is pics with my phone

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Ok well if ur gonna want yhe best u can get ur gonna have to see about getting a descent magnifying glass that can see atleast 60x 100x is way better tho. Walmart any bigger stores hydro stores have even jewellers loops or small scopes. The scope is where its at to find ur tric colors good.

Was under 6 bucks thru walmart site. Im sure therr is a store by u who sells something like these or usb scopes. Good luck she has a while to go still.

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A jewlers loupe 30/60 is what ya need. Morning Mark…did you go to bed yet? LoL

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Morning loco. Yes i did got about 4.5 hrs. Not sound sleep but sleep non the less. Figured the older i got the more id wanna stay in bed. Not working to my advantage here. Im in bed less now then i ever was. Lol. Getting old sux yo

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I try to get very close with phone then also enlarge pictures and it helps alot. The deal with letting leaves die for me is last couple of weeks before harvest I stop feeding nutes then the plant will get hungry and start eating from their leaves and they turn yellow. I watched a video that said you’re weed tastes better after it’s eaten up that last sugar. Pull a small bud lay it somewhere warm let it dry smoke it see if your weed is where you want it. Some put in microwave to dry but I always end up baking. :joy::joy:

Thanks, it’s a bit hard with so many people saying different things. Got a decarb machine I am dying to try out! Will be a couple of weeks more I think