Autoflower Germination Information request?

Hello all,
Each grow I expect to have some germination fails, for whatever reasons. This is my 6th grow. I germinate all my ILGM seeds as per the germination directions. I make sure to meet correct pH (water & medium), temperature, humidity and lighting suitable for seedlings. The only difference is I usually have my seedlings outside in full sun at or after day 7 of germination.

But this year I started out with 27 seeds, a mixture of JH - WW - WC - AK47 autoflowers + 2 NL Fem I purchased from ILGM in 2017 (the 2 NL seeds cracked within 24 hrs of being in water). Out of the 27 seeds I started, 4 of 4 AK47AF, 6 of 10 JHAF, 2 of 8 WWAF and 2 of 4 WCAF failed to germinate. All seeds that did germinate, popped through the starter medium within 5 days, the majority were up in 3 days.

I have kept the failed seeds. After approx 10 days I removed them from the medium and re-soaked in water, but with no change other than the seed coating has turned to black. Under a magnifying glass/scope it appears that some ends of the seeds have opened but little else. Some seeds when squeezed between my fingers turned to white mush.
A mixture of AF’s did germinate but look odd, even strange, what causes this?. Before I toss them I wanted to share, or I might just wait and see what they turn into.

For comparison the last photo is one of the healthy autoflowers.
Again, what causes these abnormalities?

I contacted ILGM and they are replacing 15 AF’s. I appreciate their continued support.

In my short experience I have had 100% germination success with feminised photoperiod seeds like NL#5 - every seed pops.
But the start of this grow has me questioning the science and breeding that goes into autoflowers.
In my mind I am asking, what amount of male pollen is required to make a seed viable?
I am more interested in the subject now than ever after experiencing this poor start to this years outdoor grow.

Interested in any feedback.

Regards, Brandy.

This is an example of the mixture of AF’s (WW, JH &WC) that did germinate and are healthy at day 9