Seeds germinate but not coming up

Having issues with my latest order of Wedding Cake Autoflower seeds coming up. Only 3 of the first pack of 10 came up. (I have another 10 pack as part of the 20 for the price of 10 deal).

I started with 6 seeds ,I used your recommended germination technique, they cracked and had a taproot start after about 36 hours of soaking, but when I put them in the soil only 3 came up. After about 10 days without any further sprouts I put 4 more in for germination, they also cracked and had a taproot start but did not sprout when planted.

I have had 100% success with other ILGM Feminized strains. this is my first Autoflower. Is this an issue with Autoflower seeds, a possible issue with the strain, or just dumb luck?

I’ve had good luck with there auto seeds did you germinate them the way thr site said to you can contact ilgm support and let them no heat they have been pretty good about making it up for people

Drop the office a note at the link. Let them know what happened, how you germinated etc. They stand by their germination. Policy and will take care of you


Depth planted and root side down are important. Like said above contact ILGM and see what they say.

I had one that sprouted a tap root but nothing came up. I dug it up and replanted ,then it sprouted just fine. One didn’t germinate they gave me a credit for $89 for more seeds. Ilgm will make it right.

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