Failed Germination

Hi Guys, I bought 5x Jack Herer Autoflower seeds 29 March 2019 from ILGM, I successfully grew 2 from June-September. With lockdown coming I thought its the perfect time to grow the remaining seeds. I followed the same germination steps for 2 seeds that worked with my first grow which was placing the seeds in room temp filtered water in a dark room for 24 hours, then transferred to a moist paper towel folded and left in the darkened room. After 48 hours there was still no tap root. I left them another 2 days and still nothing. One seed opened but no little white tail showed :frowning: with my last remaining seed and my last hope I tried placing it just in the water for 48 hours without transferring it to paper towel and still there is nothing. The seeds were stored in a zip lock bag in a dry dark storage unit and have not been disturbed until I tried germinating them.

Can anyone shed light on what may be wrong? are the seeds just too old? Has anyone sought to have replacement seeds from ILGM? I ordered the seeds through a different email address from the one I use on this forum and raised this issue but have yet had a response. Just want to know if its worth waiting for a response or should I buy new seeds to hope they get to me before lockdown starts?

Cheers guys

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Sounds like you’re doing everything right. I store my seeds In the fridge. I have used them up to a couple years old and not had a problem. Out of all the seeds I have purchased From ILGM 95% has been successful. Good luck moving forward.

I’ve had 2 seeds not germinate out of 2 separate orders. It’s frustrating but ILGM will make it right. Both instances they were prompt in replying to my concerns. They offered to immediately replace not just the one seed but send 5 to replacement seeds. They also offered option of credit for 5 free seeds on future order.


did you contact ILGM yet?

I had seeds that didn’t sprout and I still haven’t heard back from them. Just give me a couple of really good white widow seeds, but I didn’t germinate these seeds immediately too. I followed the same instructions as you. I wish I could’ve had a couple of good ones. At least I would have something to clone off of now I can’t even manage to get the white widow genetics that they have. I’ve got the gold leaf and I’m very pleased with the results so far. It’s an honor to have it. I have three of them out of 5 seeds that sprouted, but 0 out of 15 White widow sprouted. I’ve only got five more seeds left and the lettering WW-FAP5 on them. Does that indicate they sent me autoflowers or are they the normal ones? I can’t even get a reply of them to tell me that. 15 were WW-FP5 (didn’t sprout) and the five I have left are WW-FAP5 are those Autos? The price payed for seeds is ridiculous. I thought it might be worth it if they honored the germination guarantee.

They are autos. It’s a difficult time for businesses right now. Amsterdam is on lockdown so not sure what access they have to do anything right now.