Auto Flowers failure

I would like to grow auto flowers but the germination rate is 10% sucess for me not sure why but have nothing but problems getting them to germinate !! am I the only one with this problem??


Several questions for you.
Where are you getting your seeds?
What method do you use to germinate?
What do you mean by “failure”?

ILGM has a germination guarantee and will replace any duds bought through them.

My method is to soak the seed in plain water until it sinks then transferred to a wet paper towel in a ziplok in the dark until a tail is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. From there it goes directly into forever home. I have near 100% success rate and most/all failures have been due to my mistakes.

The ILGM “guarantee” is really only that the seed will pop but they are known to replace regardless of fault. After they pop, it is up to you to treat it properly and keep it alive.

Overwatering is the main cause of failure especially with young sprouts/seedlings.
Oh, yeah. Impatience is a killer too.

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I get 100%. I just fill a solo cup full of happy frog, moisten fairly well, plant the seed about 1/4”, spray over the top to settle the seed, stick a baggie over it in a warm spot, and pretty much works every time. Usually takes 4 or 5 days.


Simple. I wet a paper towel with tap water, Fold the seed into it, put it in a zip-lock, and set it in the sun on the kitchen window. I put it in the sun because that’s what nature does! Its in the dark when the sun goes down. 18/18 100% germ. Rate.

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All seeds from ILGM I use every method you have mentioned Failure yes most of the time no problem with Feminized but Auto’s most of the time never pop I have a friend that has the same problem with autos but Im done trying thats for sure!!

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Imo it’s best just to start in the forever home. But I’m a beginner so :man_shrugging:

I waited until everybody else chimed in. I use 50ml water with 5ml of 3% store bought hydrogen peroxide and let the seeds sit in a dark cabinet until they crack and show a tap root. I then put them in a paper towel in a ziplock in a warm dark place until the tap root gets the size I want. Then I put them in rapid rooter pods and in a domed starter feeding them rapid start until I get roots sticking out of the pods. From there I start feeding 1/4 strength nutrients until I move them to my flood and drain table at about 3 weeks. I used to lose seeds until someone here told me to try hydrogen peroxide years ago. It works good for me @RedEyEs66 and it won’t hurt the seed.

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Shouldn’t be that complicated. They want to grow. I’ve recently started popping seeds in the little jiffy peat pods. Just keep em damp, once I can see tap root showing at the bottom I transplant to a solo cup, or there forever home.

Sometimes it helps if i put them in a paper towel that is moist then put that in a bag. Then put the bag ontop of my alarmclock. The digital display is warm and keeps the seeds warm. You could also try using a seed starting kit with a seedling heat pad. Water gets cold in ac air which can stop them from germing.

Water with a little 3% peroxide in a jar and drop the seeds in. Place the jar in a small brown bag (so it is dark). Then, my go to heat source is the satellite / cable box. Set the bag on it for a day. It is the perfect temp.
I have not had to this but it has been recommended for hard to germ seeds. Use a fingernail file to scuff the seed case, then soak as described.

Try this way of germination get ur self some makeup removel pads the cotton pads now place a pad on to a plate or in a dvd case spray the pad with water and place ur seed on top now place another pad on top of the seed and spray it down with water now that you have it sitting between the two pads place ur plate or dvd case in a warm dark place and ur seed should pop with in 24 hours to 30 hours and theres no need for soaking ur seeds i believe that soaking ur seeds drowns them so this why i do this method of germination i have a100% strike rate with this method

Just one additional thought. If you bought seeds with a money back guarantee check the company’s recommended germination practice.

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Try putting in glass of water, wait til it sinks, wait til it cracks open, THEN just straight in the soil, keep the soil damp and put a dome over it, I’ve never had a seed not sprout this way, don’t even use the paper towels. I also once I’ve planted in the soil and put a dome over, straight in the veg tent under 18/6


I have the exact same issue.
I germinate photoperiods using the same method – Jiffy Pods kept damp, but not wet – and I get about 90% success rate.
With Autos, about 90% fail rate.
Every seed cracks open after about 5 days, the tap root extends a millimeter or two (1/16"), then nothing. It just sticks at that point. After an additional 10 days nothing has changed, so I throw it out.
Before throwing it out, I get the magnifying glass out & carefully pull the shell apart. The rounded leaves, that should be white and clasped together, are actually dark & with the texture of seaweed. The tap root is gelatinous.

I’m a newbie but I’ve germinated 9 seeds so far all different types and have had 100% success. I keep it simple and follow the ILGM bible method. Throw in a cup of distilled or spring water and put in a dark cabinet for 2-4 days until tap root is a decent size then plant. Never had an issue that way :person_shrugging:

I’ve had some germination failures in the past. This is the method I’ve been using for the last couple of grows and it’s been working well for me. I fill a shot glass with filtered water and a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide then I hold the seed gently with a pair of tweezers and lightly sand the two pointy ends of the seed and drop in shot glass on a seedling heat pad. 100% for me so far, some of the seeds sprout in a couple of hours most in two days.

Your right I been growing for 30plus yrs I have never had problems growing except Autos I have a friend that has the same problem with them I will stick to Feminized seed’s.

Newbie here. Germinated 2 WW seeds in a small wine glass of distilled water and a spritz of HP. Placed in rarely used kitchen cabinet. 1st 24 hrs, floating, checked after 48 hours, one seed had a small tail, the other seed, looked like it had blown its wad? stuff was floating on top of the water. I went ahead and planted them in their forever home. 2-5gal fabric filled with FF Ocean, Ran 1 gal of distilled water and used a solo cup to dig out a center hole and filled with FF starter mix.Spray moistened In my new SF 3x3 with dimmable light. “Mother Maybelle” may be popping through after day 3, or its my imagination. “Sara Carter”, that blew its insides? Nothing yet. I’m giving them 5 days before I try again. I think I’ll try the coffee filter method OR, these seeds are so small, just straight into forever home and be patient??