Vanishing seeds

so. i know they will replace any fails but im getting kinda pissed . they say not to transplant autos so i start them in 5 gallon pots . so far i have had 8 gg fails and have only recoverdhalf the seeds …do these things just rott away in like 5 to 7 days or ? i do as directed 24 to 36 hrs water then papertowel til tail then plant tail down 1/4 inch or less below top of soil… for reals how the hell are these things vanishing? i use domes so its not like a rodent or something gets to them and they are indoor. im just really agitated and confused so many failed that now my perpetual harvest isnt gonna happen …and a side note anyone know how long it takes to get the replacements? this is really throwing my timelines off

side note i have 3 more in water now if they take i wont be totaly screwed but sheesh… waiting to see what these three do before sending off for replacements

That’s a bummer. ILGM seed usually have a crazy high germ rate (Mine have been 100%) so something must be slightly off. What kind of soil are you using to germ? Probably the most important question… how much water are you using once you transplant them? They barely need any at all. I usually use a squirt bottle or dropper.


i use unamended black gold moisture lock blend with coco. the first 9 planted all but one took and i immediately started another and it took. running the last of them now 1 took 2 vanished 3 are in water and 3 are in baggie to send back cus failed so recap . 9 success , 3 germing now. 3 in baggie cus fail . and 5 o the lil shits just i dunno what i guess i could have lost them in the soil but i doubt it . each time this happened i sifted first 3 to 4 inches of soil to look for them. and in any case were they just late bloomers they should have spring up later and didnt so… cant help but feel like ima be just screwed on the 5 and then not sure whats gonna happen these last three im soaking today … just a bummer. especially for someone just starting out. could be just a bad batch i suppose i dunno . and i dont mean to sound hateful its just sooo aggrivating not the fails buit the vanishing ones like did little green elves come take them or something? lol