Bad seeds this season?

Has anyone else (or have the folks at ILGM) noticed an uptick in bad seeds this year? I’ve never had any problems with the products from here before, but of the 45 or so seeds I’ve ordered and planted this year from ILGM only about 1/4 of them have germinated. It seems to mostly affect the autoflower strains, from what I can see on my end anyway? I ordered 10 Blueberry auto, 1 germinated. 20 White Widow Auto, 6 germinated. Big Bud feminized - ordered 5, 2 germinated. The only strain I haven’t had issues with this year is Gold Leaf. I’m not looking for replacements or refunds, Sarah already took care of me on that end, but has anyone else had problems and if so, have the folks at ILGM tracked down the issue and fixed it? I’m ready to make another order soon, but frankly I don’t want to spend $200+ on something that isn’t going to germinate in time.

2020 just sucks all around!


I had a problem with OG Kush auto out of 5 seeds only one germinated. Contacted ILGM about it and Claire took care of me.

i had 3/9 seeds not pop of my critical mass, and also got sent a seed that wasn’t even matured.
I let ILGM know and they compensated me with a $149 discount code for my next order.
So i used it and bought more seeds.
But honestly, im expecting a lot more seeds to be duds as ive only tried to pop 9/70 that i have.

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@CMV1024 so far all mine have germinated from ILGM Photos Purple Haze, Black Widow, and GDP. Also have a WW auto that germinated , it was supposed to be a photo. But ILGM was amazing about the seed mix up and made up for it and beyond! Overall I’m very happy with their products and customer service! So much so I ordered more just got Zkittlezs Autos and Skywalker OG Photos in the mail today :sunglasses: sorry to hear you have been having issues with your seeds not germinating. Do you store you seeds in a cool dark place when not using? I know that helps when not in use. Stay Safe and Lit My Friend! :fire::fire::fire::v::v:

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Lucky. That’s been my experience with ILGM in the past - I’ve never had bad seeds from them until this year. Overall it’s been a shit year anyway though, so I’m just assuming it’s par for the course and things will get better in 2021! At least the Gold Leaf clones without even really trying, it’s keeping my garden going for the time being. By far one of my favorite strains anyway, huge thanks to Mr. Bergman & the ILGM team for developing that one. At least I can say ILGM does always stand behind their germination guarantee and immediately offered to replace the seeds!

I germinated the seeds the day I got them. Didn’t have a chance to store any of them :smiley: But yes, when I do store seeds it’s in a safe in my air conditioned room.

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@CMV1024 I hear ya 2020 has been a pretty sh*toy year! Things can only get better!! Nice on the seeds im set to watch! I hope you gave a wonderful day!

I also are having problems with these auto seeds I lost 15 seeds before and 12 more last week i thought it was just me i take a lot of pictures because i am getting frustrated. I am happy to know it is not just me. I am afraid to try again because it is depressing when my seeds do not germinate.

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Did you contact ILGM about it? i had a problem with some OG Kush that did not germinate and they replaced them for free.

Yes I did but I feel so disappointed because the first orders were so good the only difference is I use their fertilizer from start to budding. They ran out of fertilizer and they don’t know when they will be restocking. Now I am afraid to try again I don’t want to loose anymore

Don’t be disappointed. My first grow i got about a 1/4 oz but kept going. Yes i used there fertilizers now i will be using FF Trio. All i can tell you is keep trying and ask alot of Questions.Don’t be afraid to try again i am on my 4th grow last one i got almost 4 oz off of a auto. Like the old saying " If at first you don’t succeed ,try try again"

@Deepsix a QP from an auto? Dry weight? Damn, that’s impressive. What kind of training or pruning did you do? Best I’ve ever gotten from an auto is just under 2oz.

yes 3.8 oz dry weight i believe.From a Blueberry auto. My wife did some LST training no pruning just PH and PPM my water going in and out a HLG 260W QB V1 Led 3000-k monitor my temps and humidity. I have some pic’s of it on Auto Support around the beginning of this past July

Here are some pic’s

That one i’m holding was the main cola


Thanks for the advice I bought the FFTrio so I will try them the next time

the Auto flower white widow seeds the auto flower seeds I bought from ILGM wher so small thay could not push through the SOIL
the Sprouts where tiny Like a strans of Horse Hair I agree 2020 is bad Year For Buying Seeds from ILGM
The Seeds are to Small to even grow 10 wher Duds


I bought 10 OG kush seeds and it looks like only one is going to pop.

Yes issues with the plants they have grown left a review they wont post its 10 for 10 LSD. The plants are not compact . They must have 6 different pheno types for one strain or as i suspect they are just rando seeds . My review was not bad mouthing Robert or his Company just my honest review and they wont display it.

I’m having the same issue with og kush autos. & blue dream fem seems to have a very weak root system

@sampsonkane; Welcome to the community. I had one OG Kush seed left. While i was waiting for the replacement seeds i said what the heck and dropped it in water. She sprouted on 7/24 Here she is 6 weeks later.


I have 10 duds,My last order was auto flower 10 For 10 and there no good the sprouts look like The thickness of a Horse Hair and there not stong enough to push threw the soil I want a Replacement if your Guarente is still in service