Bad seeds this season?

I too have three from a recent order that will not sprout after over three days. I am trying two more today. How do we get replacements?

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Still waiting for response to seeds not all germinating . Almost harvest and still no refund on seeds that didn’t germinate . 8 of 10 germinated. Bergmans gold leaf 15$ a seed . Real small seeds and were old seeds .

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This is my first grow. I germinated one white widow “auto” May 20th and today, September 15th it is in the last 7- 10 days of flowering. I had to force it to flower, as well. So, yeah- the 9 weeks auto has been a 17 week endeavor, so far. I have not tried my other auto seeds.

My ILGM seeds have been plump and 100% germ rate. I made the mistake of buying from another site and the seeds were half the size and 30% germ rate. They are replacing them. But live and learn I suppose.

Anyways, I order garden seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom and they have actually added extra seeds as there seems to be a problem across the board with germination. I know my big box store seeds bought for squash and cucumbers were abysmal and needed several plantings. I had some three year old seeds from Baker Creek that did better.

All I can surmise is that climate change is effecting all plants. My tomatoes did awful and I thought I did something wrong but every single friend I have from New York to California and here at home in The Land of Enchantment have told me their tomatoes did not do well either. We have had no bats and no honey bees this year either. It is sickening.

Actually I did a test to see if seed size effects germination and growth since there were 2 very small seeds in my zkittle shipment so far they succeeded were 2 larger seeds failed to germinate and they are similar sized as a normal seed at roughly the same age ( left 2 are the small seeds bottom right is 3 weeks younger then everyone else)


I just got some crappy looking ones as well - skywalker og has some weird side growth or white chunks stuck to it, dimpled Cali dream, a tiny runt runt Cali dream, cracked looking gold leaf seeds. Think a refund might be better at this point- 5 out of 20 prob won’t pop just from looking at them. One has something sticking out the tip like the root started and died… bags of junk. Customer service won’t do anything till I feel them, don’t have room yet and I’m sure they’ll tell me it’s been too long when I feel them In 2 months…

They admitted they looked bad and requested I germinate them all… will have to check out one of the other companies for the next buy. Support forum still rocks.

Asked me to mail them back to the Netherlands after agreeing they look old and bad. What a joke, guess I’m stuck with cracked seeds, thought the site said they’d replaced with pics showing damage… guess not.

Ordered Bruce Banner and attempted to germinate 1/4 of order.
Most did not germinate and remainder never made it out of soil.
Sarah said to germinate the remainder of 15 seeds.
I agreed so that if there was a problem with the seeds it could be resolved before wasting months on inferior crop.
4 full days and less than 1/2 have cracked open.
Kept Sarah informed and told her I thought the seeds were bad.
She offered less than 1/2 replacement.
Is this a scam?
I will follow up so others are aware of what their guarantee really means.

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I still have some I am not yet ready to try to germinate, but already had a few that would not. I’ve also had a few that haven’t really made it past germination, even in the best soil and environment recommended. The plants still growing seem small. Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I have asked for advice in the other forums as I am new to this. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve invested quite a bit already.

Yes I had a batch of Bruce Banner and I could not get 1 seed to germinate properly.
Good news is ILGM stood behind their product.
They replaced the seeds with Gorilla Glue.
Bad news is my first batch of seeds has been soaking for 7 days without roots cracking any of the shells. I watched their video about germination and am not happy with results. ( really not happy) but I have started the second batch and am going back to just soaking between wet paper towels this time.
I want to add that I had got some seeds that were ILGM’s house brand and they were great. The seeds germinated in 72 hours and 1/3 of the plants were really nice. Unless the plants do well I pull them so that accounts for the low ratio of plants to seeds.

I have received several orders for seeds. I just got some Gorilla glue and before that Bruce Banner.
Those seeds were not impressive. They looked nothing like the images you see on the site. 1/2 the size I am used to and none with the deep rich brown colors.

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Was your issue with Bruce Banner Auto’s? I’m having a issue with BB AUTOS. I have tried 12 thus far and none germinated. I have been assured they will take care of it tho.

Yep same problem. Ordered ten sour disiel and not one germination. Not cheap in Australia. Would really like some support from ilgm or going somewhere else.

I had problems with the BBanner for sure.
I tried different ways to germinate and nothing was working.
If your having problems the support of ILGM has been really good.
They replaced the seeds more than once so that was impressive to me.
Are your problems with the Auto Flower?

Ive never had an issue getting any of ilgm’s seeds to germinate and have bought over 7 8 strains until i got my recent order of bubblegum autos i got during Halloween sale buy 10 get 10. First the seeds came crushed so i contacted customer service and they made it right and ive only had 2 sprout out of over 15 so far. I gave the 2 away to a buddy. The seeds look kinda young amd had a almost white seed in there too. But all and all im a happy customer with ilgm as a whole. Awesome company, forum and customer service

I’ve had problems with some strains from ILGM: Strawberry Cough, GRG, Amnesia Haze. Strains I have not had a problem with (so far) are Cali Dream, Gold Leaf, OG Kush. The seeds that ILGM sent as replacements are light colored and undersized too. Not having good results so far. Only about 1/3 are germinating. ILGM has good customer service but that can’t make up for bad product… will not be ordering from ILGM in the future…

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Yes I have had 5 auto northern lights not grow.
2/5 grew a small tail but that was it.

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Yes yes
Me too !!! 1 of 3 auto flower sprouted and 2 out of 8 high yield mix sprouted that makes for some expensive seedlings 30 % ??? No one has even answered my complaint YET same thing germinated but no sprouts??? HELP!!!