White widow autoflower seeds not germinating

Tried 5 seeds now and seeds not germinating properly.seed opens barely pops out.maybe a 1/16 then stops.first ones tried for about 14 days put them in soil anyway.used a germinating mat at 75 degrees.spraying with a water bottle ect.not having success.


Welcome, all I can offer is how I do it. Assuming the seeds are good, I sow directly into moist fox farm happy frog soil in a solo cup, and put a baggie over the top like a little greenhouse. Takes about 4 or 5 days. Works pretty much every time. Keep it in a warm place, don’t let the soil dry out, and it should work. About 1/4” deep.

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Where did you buy the seeds?
Wondering if they are ILGM.
If so you need to contact the seed shop which is separate from the forum.

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How did u do the germination did u soak ur seeds or did u just put them in under damp towel .what i do is i get makeup removel pads the cotton pads i place a pad on a plate or in a cd case i spray the pad down with a weak solution of seaweed liquid and water then i put the seed on the pad then i place another pad on top and spray it down with the same solution i cover with plastic wrap and place in a warm place with in 24 to 30 hours ur seeds will be popped i dont like the seed soaking method i believe it drowns the seeds

Ilgm used the method of Soaking them.as recommended.had no issues with this method for zskittles.white widows is a bust.

Welcome to the community. Like @Spiney_norman said, I had a problem with some seeds that didn’t germinate contacted ILGM support and they replaced them.

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I’ve been having trouble getting most of ilgm auto seeds to germ… They’re doing the same exact thing as what yours did…

Couple things you can try, get a small box of wood matches, travel/camping size. Remove striker from a book of matches and place it inside the wood match box (all matches removed) place seeds inside and shake vigorusly for 30 seconds. This will scratch up the outside if seed and allow liquid to penetrate the seed better activating the germ process.
Another is to put seeds in with water and a splash of peroxide in it. If all else fails, try rooting solution. (Used for clones)