Can autoflower become "male" if grown in a contaminated room

Provided a friend ILGM autoflower seeds. He has a sunroom used for growing “regular unidentified seeds.” One of his plants were “male” and he did not catch it in time. Spores infected his grow area. He has tried to clear it out with hepa-filtration but the last three grows resulted in male plants. Will the seeds provided to him also result in a male plant?

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If your friend is growing something other than feminized (e.g. regular) seed, you are going to get a few males in the mix. Males don’t produce seed. They only produce male pollen.

A plant won’t become male. You may be referring to a pollinated female which produces seeds. Males stay male and females stay female. Could also be a hermie, which has both male and female characteristics.

I would sanitize the room with a dilute mix of either bleach or hydrogen peroxide. A HEPA filter alone will not get the job done.


I would question whether they were actually identified properly. Typical regular/bag seed would produce close to 50/50 male and female plants. It is just nature’s way.

The only risk in growing quality sourced auto seeds in that grow area is that lingering male pollen could be present.


Thanks for the replies. If I understand correctly, unless he decontaminates the walls and other surfaces the ILGM autoflowers will likely “hermie.” Thanks…

It isn’t normal for any type of cannabis plant to hermie. A hermie is the result of stressing the plant in some form. HST and LST are usually just fine. The most common cause of hermies is exposing a plant to light during the dark period of each day.

That said, yes, decontaminate.


These guys got u covered. But for science…

You decontaminate to remove pollen. Which can AND WILL pollenate ur girls, resulting in seed loaded buds. Lower overall potency.


Pollen from a male plant only makes a female plant grow seeds. It dose not make plants turn or grow into males…

Not correct.
If any pollen is still present then any female plant grew in there could develop seeds…

Hermi is when a female plant also griws its own male parts and produces its own pollen…

I hope this makes sense…
If it doesn’t, let me know and i will try to explain definitely :slightly_smiling_face:


I was scrolling to post this. Having seeds doesn’t mean male, it means female was pollinated.


Do u have any pics of the plants or a plant to see if we see male parts in the female flowers or?? That will help us to help u know if it is Hermie seeds or maybe viable seeds.


Afraid not, no. It’s been six months or so.

Can an autoflower be budding early and also male? I have a plant that started budding way earlier than any other plants still in the tent. It’s managed to bloom without red light entirely. Only problem is it seems to have seeds growing where the stipul is. And also large amounts of “bud” covering the area where gender identification is possible. How do I tell what gender this plant is?

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If they are from regular seed yes.
That is a male plant in the pic.
I’d remove it soon as possible.


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As @Oldguy said, that is definitely fully male in the picture. It is not good for anything but pollinating females and making rope/paper.


The shape of the flowers is the clue. Male parts look like small footballs, as yours does. Female parts look like sorta squashed basketballs with little white hairs coming from the center. Or they are simply the wispy white hairs by themselves while the bract forms fully.

Diagram of female parts:

Photo of male parts:

Photo of female parts during the early stages: