Ak47 fem plants not growing

From a fellow grower: I’ve grown the feminized AK -47 four times And each time the buds start developing at 3 weeks and then develop no further than the size of the tip of my finger… There isn’t even any Bud worth harvesting at the end of 8 or 9 weeks.

The Strain AK - 47 fem

Grown indoor and outdoor

Grown in organic soil and rock wool.

Indoor PH 5.7 - 6.3

Grown with LED and metal halide and high pressure sodium

It’s temperatures during the day average 75゚ at night 65゚

Indoor humidity 20 - 50%

24 hour exhaust fan with 24 hour 16" oscillating fan.

15 ft² grow space…

No air conditioner

No humidifier

No CO2

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Is that 8 or 9 weeks of 12/12…?
Some strains take up to 12 to 16 weeks of 12/12 lighting schedule before they finish…
Usually the sativa dominat strains…
The indica dominant strains usually 8 to 10 weeks…
Hybrid strains usually 9 to 11 weeks…

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Im not sure if rock wool makes it different but 5.7 is kinda low for soil and can cause lockout and slowed bud growth and and depending on your other environmental factors a fluctuation of 20 to 50% is a big swing in my personal opinion. Possible environmental stress. I dealt with environmental issues a few times cause of texas heat. And lastly, it looks you still have a ways to go flowering her out

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I’ll tag @covertgrower and @Myfriendis410 for help

Peach covered most of it.
Typically rock wool isn’t mixed with soil, but looks like it’s not causing any issues.
Some strains take longer than others as peach fuzz mentioned.

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Nailed it!!!

Most likely won’t be discussed until op returns asking about spotty leaves and deficiencies diagnose

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AK-47 fems Ga grow outside in pots ,2nd year of “learning” crazy weather and hot now, can’t keep them wet In 7 gal fabric pots , started 3/10/23. Same seed different plants it’s a bit crazy making.ive had w widow mature 8 weeks ago had BNK hermie and another didn’t stopped feeding when I thought they were weeks away ?I admit things seem to have their own plans ,glad I can afford to keep learning, I’m seeing yellowing on some other’s and know everything is struggling in this heat so I’m waiting and watching and praying I end up with something to show after it’s over🙂