Indoor ak47. When should it flower? It's 8wk tomorrow

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It is…



Yaaaaaaay :blush: when should it be ready from now to harvest? How long do I leave her in the dark? Thanks

12 hrs light 12 dark. Need more dates and ifno for how long.

It’s 8 wks today, germination in wet paper towel. .it was sprouted third day…I potted it straight to miracle grow /peat potting soil mixture. It’s in a 5 gallon pot. Temps remaining 70. Ph 6.5.
Using a red,blue,yellow light. Humidity in the rm is ranging 40%-46%. Gladly any help I really appreciate. I’m total newbie.

Is it a photo plant or an auto.

Auto fem. …

Autos do better staying at 18 hours. They flower on a time schedule. This could be different for each strain. Since its flowering I would leave it. It will be several weeks to harvest but worth the wait.

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Thank you :blush: :blush: