AK 47 Question Harvest

This is my second grow. This AK 47 from ILGM looks and smells crazy good. 83 days. Most trichomes are cloudy, but no significant amber. Traces and reflections of amber here and there, but just can’t tell.
Was grown in a 2 x 2 x 4 tent, 18 /6 light schedule, half nutes FF.

There were too many plants in the tent, the light was not sufficient for all plants and I had to move this AK out of the tent to allow others to finish.
This thing smells dank, dense, and sweet smelling. Should I chop? I’m just wondering if this is as good as it’s going to get, or let it go for another 10 days?


If you want more amber you can try to put it on 12/12 and let it go a little longer.
Its completely “bro science” but some say it has help them ripen stubborn plants :man_shrugging:.

I can say the extra dark will not hurt anything to try.


If you moved it out of the tent, then that’s all she’s got.

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I just realized that nothing begins with N and ends with G

Hi thanks for the reply. There is still a Bloom Plus light on this plant 18 / 6. Should I still flush and chop?