3x3x6 vivosun grow tent

Would 2 sf1000 lights do well in this size tent?


They should work but maybe a bit “light “ on coverage.
Another one should fit and would really give you a better end product than just the 2.
Or. Step up to a sf4000 and have more than enough. :grin:
That will leave you a couple smaller lights for starting lil ones off. :wink:

I’ve got the sf2000 in my 2 x 4 tent for starts and early veg. Works very well.

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I use the Marshydro TSW 2000 in my same size tent and could not be happier with it

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Im looking at an acinfinity ionboard s33. Think that with the sf1000 would be good?

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Sorry brother. I don’t know very much about those lights.

Edit : Just looked and should work according to the specs. It does say it’s for a 3 x 3 and at 240w with the current 100 w sf in there too it should give you some nice nuggets.
And with 2 lights gives you a bit of height leeway in case one plant gets a bit taller than the others.
Just as an aside. Couldn’t see wether the 3 x 3 ft it covers is for veg or bloom. They’re a bit vague.