Lighting in a 4x2x72 tent

I need help with lighting…

I have a 200w AC Infinity ionboard and a 100w ionboard in a 4x2x72.

I want to get the HLG350R, my question is this too much for that tent?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Are you planning on running thr 350R solo or in conjunction with the other lights?


The 350r will work fine. What you have is more than likely sufficient for that 2x4. Cant go wrong with the HLG.


Just the lower lights on the walls.

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I have had great results with the 200w by itself. I just have heard bigger lights bigger the bud.

This was the Bruce Banner photos, 1st grow.

2nd grow purple haze auto, big bang auto


Are you dissatisfied with iongrid lights? Did you complete a few grows using them? Curious

I personally think the lights you have are decent. 300w in a 2x4 should be plenty. Unless filling it wall to wall they should push 3-4 plants well in that small area. Just my thoughts.


Yes and no, i have grown with them, right now i have 4 in the tent… was just thinking of getting a bigger light, one instead of two.

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Here is what i have now.

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or you can also overdo lighting. Be careful you don’t fry your babies when your new fixture arrives lol. Increments in power will be the key to swapping out with no negative effects to your current grow.


I personally like the 2 lights… i gives you the ability to adjust height according to the canopy on either side if needed. And you have wall to wall coverage with those lights as well. :sunglasses: