Yellowing leafs flowering

Getting a lot of yellowing of leaves. Fans mostly but some plants sugar also. With brown spots. Spots are showing on green leaves then yellows Thinking mag deficiency. Have sprayed with epsom salt and also added a garden lime with mag.granular on Saturday to soil also some Bat quano. Seems to be no better. Today is Tuesday. Maybe not enough time. And suggestions. Plants are white widow and chronic widow Doing a soil test today. Waiting on kit.

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White and chronic widow.
Seeds from Ilove….
Garden soil raised beds
Water ph 6.6 well water
Ppm/ tds etc ???
Hot and dry for weeks in New England. Upper 80 ‘s 90 ‘s
Couple storms last week.

Looks a lil like septoria

Have you been ph and tds testing your input and runoff? Those figures help to tell if you are in lockout or if she is hungry. Runoff is a great way to tell when to feed your lady.

Post a full plant pic Growmie :love_you_gesture:

@Redneck7 wait til the upload says 100% None of us can see these pics.


What’s your nutrient feeding PPMs and PH? The spotted leaves look to pest related, have you check for that. 1st impression of the yellowing leaves is a nutrient deficiency but several can look similar like nitrogen and sulfur :love_you_gesture:

PH from 3 samples is between 6and 6.5. Have been using the fox farm liquids. Different ones by label rates. A few foliar sprays. Pre treated for caterpillars. Haven’t seen any insects to speak of. Disease I’m thinking. it is flowering so maybe a boost of fertilizer. Seems to be slowing.

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PH is in range. The lower yellowing leaves are a natural progression and will die off. The upper yellowing is a concern and could be nitrogen hungry. Are you using the FF trio together on feed days :love_you_gesture:

My YouTube channel it’s new

I have been getting alot of yellowing leaves.I guess check my PH ?

Post a few overall plant pics :love_you_gesture: