Help Diagnosing Yellow Spots on Leaves

From researching, seems like maybe calcium deficiency? This is a white widow, week 5 of flower. FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil, Bergman’s feeding schedule/nutes. I just finished another strain in the same conditions, no issues whatsoever. There are two others in the tent, also the same, also no issues. This one is closest to the fan, being the only obvious difference between the three. 4’x4’ tent, Mars Hydro 1000 watt LED, ventilation, etc. Temps around 70-75, probably cooler overnight when the lights are out. Humidity around 70, temp and humidity on a sensor. Light/dark 18/6. Once I find what I did with my pH tester I’ll do that as I’m sure that’s the first thing I should be doing anyway. Any other thoughts will be most appreciated! Thanks folks.


It just looks like wind damage, you did say it’s closest to the fan. Are the leaves blowing around a little rubbing together


The fan is mounted about a foot above it, so not blowing directly on the entire plant. But definitely swaying in the breeze a bit. I turned off the fan after I took those pics in case that might be a factor.

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I wouldn’t worry about it unless it gets worse obviously, and I would keep the fan blowing airflow helps in allot of different ways, bugs, humidity, and trichome production are the main benefits of airflow


Theres alot of people that are doin white widows
At the moment is ur one a auto it looks good . Im doin a white widow auto its in week seven of flower its about two weeks off harvest


Like @MeEasy said, just some wind burn on those fan leaves, no big deal. The yellow tips on the sugar leaves on the top colas, and the dark green fan leaves say your plants are well fed. If she gets any darker, or if those tiny yellow tips start to progress further, then I’d suggest cutting back the nutrients a little bit. If not, then just keep going as you are. The plants look great.



Thanks. Yeah this a run of 3 autos. The house should be nice and stinky in time for Christmas :rofl:

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Heres my white widow auto

Seven weeks in to flower