White widow auto leaves yellowing

have a ILGM WWA is seven weeks along now and am getting brown/rusty tips to a good portion of my fan leaves. It started has been in flower now for about 2 weeks I believe. I am using FFOF as my grow with a small seed starter center without any nutrients. I am under a viparspecrta 600. Have a carbon filter CO2 bag and two oscillating fans in the grow tent. It’s on a 18-6 light schedule and is watered with dechlorinated tap water that has been phed to 6.8 250 tds. I add cal mag every other watering or so. Soil runoff ph is 6.1 now. My soil has been very acidic but has recently been balancing out. Temp usually stays around 82 at most and rh45 now. Night time is 73 and still around rh45. Filter fan is ran 24/7. About 1 1/2 weeks back I added Gaia green organic fertilizer 3tbs bloom and 1tbs general purpose. I’m growing in 5gal fabric pots. I have used lime to balance out to acidic soil. I have been using LST on her and have removed very little foliage. I am also noticing some yellowing on the lower fan leaves and curious about how to fix this fast.

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When they flower they cannibalize the lower fan leaves due to them not being needed as much and converting the energy to buds. If it’s not happening in the sugar leaves that early into flower you about be fine. Check under the leaves for white or black or green specks those are mites in varying stages of life.

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I haven’t noticed any black specks or anything resembling insects. I just want to make sure that I’m not running into deficiency. I thought it kinda looked like nitrogen deficiency. Two weeks ago when I amended my soil I only used 1 tbs of 4-4-4 Gaia green the rest was 2-4-6 I believe flower bloom by Gaia green.

I doubt it’s deficiency, you actually have a little burn on the leaf tips. Most likely just the plant stealing nutrients from leaves that aren’t getting much light at this point.

Looks to me like the start of a Pot-Assium deficiency on some of the leaves. They use a lot of it in flower stage. Have you brewed a compost tea to boost the critter population in the soil? The micro herd (bacteria and fungi etc) in the soil is what breaks down (eats) those dry nutrients you applied earlier. Is the micro herd population is low and or watering practices allows the soil to dry out too much than they in reduced numbers can’t keep up with providing enough food for the plant in this stage even if there is enough in there. Also it takes time once nutrients are top dressed to be consumed and then bio available to the plants.
Yellowing fan leaves on normal at your stage of growth.

Hope this helps

It could very well be the microbial life isn’t there. When my soil was acidic I’m sure that killed a lot off. I’m looking into making a compost tea but am unsure about what I need to get and add to it. I have read to use black strap molasses unsulphered, worm castings, dry amendments such as Gaia green, blood meal, and bat guano. Brew it in phed dechlorinated water for at least 24hrs. Do I need to buy certain microbes or will they naturally grow in the compost tea? I want a fungal tea since that is more for flower time correct? For fungal tea do you just typically do it a shorter time such as 24 hours instead of 72 hours which gives you bacteria? Thanks guys!

Maybe get some Recharge and give it a go. From what I understand it’s basically an instant tea.

I have been using a great 2 part dry pre mix from boogie brew for almost 2 years. Check out their web site much great info.
A simple tea that will “grow” critters is worm poo (critters are already in there just mostly dormant. And unsulphered molasses (food for the critters to multiply) and dechlorinated water (can use tap if just chlorine used and let sit out overnight or bubble it with air pump and air stone for an hour or so which off gases the chlorine. If the source containers Chloramine that is harder to remove. Water supply co web site should have recent test and also tell you if they use one or the other added to water) or from dehumidifier or RO water etc and depending on how much you’ll need will dictate how much worm poo and molasses is needed. The other things that you might add will add to the nutrient load and diversity of critters with NPK Ca etc depending on what you add.
The Main reason I brew teas are to populate or repopulate or add to the critter population that eat the meal and poop and plants get that many times via the symbiotic relationship with certain strains of fungi that hook up with the roots and they exchange resources.

Search on this site for compost tea and mychorrizae (mycos) or fungi
Great recipes and info on keeping the soil alive and letting Mother Nature do the heavy lifting.
Got any clean hardwood ashes? That’s been kept dry?
It is potash and has Pot-assium in there so you could add some to the tea or another soluable nutrients that would add phosphorus and potassium as in flower they tend to need a lot of PK and calcium of using powerful lights.

I have recharge and it does fine for an instant tea but just like using the 24-48 hour brew with worm poo etc.
I’ll need to mix some recharge and check it with microscope to see if there would be any active critters. It has dormant spores etc of bacteria and fungi but would take awhile to get them going I would think.
I have checked my brews with microscope and they are teaming with microbes.
48 hours is about the longest I’ll go but if I need to extend it a little I’ll add some more food for the critters…molasses
24 hours bacterial dominate
36-48 hours fungal dominate

Some good info here

Give you a general idea of things

Thank you for all the kind words and support guys! All in all how does my girl look? This is my first time grow and have been nervous about her size. So far she has been fairly healthy until this point.

I think she looks darn good.

Thanks! I think I will be extremely happy if I could just get at least 2oz or quality bud off it. It smells amazing very earthy, citrusy, piney aroma. It’s the first live plant I’ve been around and really hope I can preserve all of the aroma and flavor profile as possible during dry and cure.

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So I have been keeping up with my watering while waiting for the recharge to come in, can’t come in quick enough!!! Here are my girls now. Are they dying, can I save them, or is this natural at this point in flower?