Yellow spots on White Widow autoflower

I have a 3 week old auto flower white widow I planted in a hydroponic bucket. It suddenly developed yellow spots on the bottom leaves. Just added more Fox Farms fertilizer and lowered the ph. Not sure what else to do.

Anything on the bottom of those leaves?

I don’t see anyrhing on the bottom of the leaves.

First sight I thought it looked like nutes splashed on the leaves while watering. Saw they’re in buckets, so nope. Then maybe leaf septoria starting, but nothing on the bottom. I’m definitely not the best at diagnosing plant issues but I’m sure someone will chime in soon.

Phosphorus deficient?

Thank you.

How would I check the levels?

I have yellow edges on leafs trying to find out zinc or what any help much appreciated

You really can’t. You can just up the P a little if you think that’s what it is. You giving her plenty of calmag?

Had no idea such a thing as calmag existed. Just ordered some. This is my first maybe successful grow. Thank you!

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Ok thnx