Yellowing and brown spots- First Time Grower


I am a first time grower. Getting some yellow leaves and looks like some spots.

Here’s the background on the plants:

  1. Strains: White Widow Auto
  2. Indoor Grow, Vivosun Grow Tent.
  3. Temperature/Humidity: 72 / 51

Any idea what’s causing this? Any suggestions on how to fix it.

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What are you feeding it and how often ? Looks like a deficiency of some kind not a toxicity …can’t be too sure as I grow outdoors


The darker leaves look like excess nitrogen causing a potassium deficiency. What nutes do you use? Also, what are your runoff numbers? Lastly, welcome aboard!!!


Lol …yes I forgot about the runoff and ph …wonder if it’s some kind of uptake problem due to ph ? Not looking forward to that going indoors

Feeding it with Bergman’s plant food (Stage 3 flower time fertilizer N16 P6 K30). PH of the water is typically around 6.6. I feed it every 2-3 days.

Haven’t checked runoff (Quite honestly, I need to read up on that again).

Some leaves is showing nutrient burn and others not so much. Whatever this is, it didn’t happen over night. It’s been going on for awhile. This is pretty advanced.

Holy cow…:pensive:

And welcome to the community.

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It’s odd b/c the other auto’s aren’t showing it and I’ve been feeding them all the same thing.

Do you think I should stop the nutrients for now and go straight water? They are all in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.

I am at a complete lost to what this is. Its pretty advanced. To me the tips seem generally fine.

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@Myfriendis410 I know you are kinda out for obvious reasons but this is bad. You may know.



Best guess, Potassium issue:


Difficult to say for sure with out seeing more of the plant. Is it all over uniformly? Older fan leaves?
Did you apply anything to the leaves?
I ask because these spots could be an indicator of pests, which could be causing issues with the leaves the older they get.


Also wondering if strength of nutrient solution is being measured?


Definitely seeing signs of N burn. Which can lead to lockouts of other stuff.

16-6-30 is kinda high Nitrogen.


It’s being measured per the directions on the grow guide. That said, I have been feeding it every few days. I think I’ll go straight water for awhile.

What do you think I should do about the potential pests? I don’t see any bugs on the plants. They are being grown indoors in a grow tent, in a sealed attic.

At first I thought it was White Powdery Mildew and it might be that. But when I touch the leaves, I can’t feel anything different on the surface. It also started showing up around the time I started giving them the Flowertime Fertlizer (16-6-30). I wonder if its the precursor to the nutrient burn spots already discussed.

If you checked everywhere for pests, then it’s possible there are none. Captain Jacks dead bug is a great preventive, and safe to use in flowering.

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@pju0101 if I may jump in super late. Bergmans is a wkly feeding chart I thought so your possibly over feeding and causing the toxicity?

@Fieldofdreams This has to be it. I misread the chart thinking I should feed them every time I have watered them. So, I’m feeding 2x (ish) as much as they should have been fed. I’ll watch the white dots but I think I’ll lay off the feeding for a week or two and see what happens. I wonder if I should wait longer.

I have 3 feminized Goldleafs that are in the flowering stage but haven’t shown any nutrient burn. That said, I haven’t been feeding them as long as the autos.


Do you use Captain Jacks even if you have no bugs when you grow?

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I do. In veg at least. I treat every 2 weeks. In flower, only if needed.