WTF could have caused male flowering?

I had been ever so careful with everything I do. I had 6 girls in my big tent and they were all going so well… Until yesterday Macguiver confirmed with me I had some male flowers. I broke off all o could

Oops… I broke off all I could see… This morning I had more and now on two other plants. They were all female seeds. What causes this if no cross pollination of males in the same room?? Stress?? Light getting in?? What other causes of hermi??

Stress causes it, especially severe pH imbalances and light leaks or interruption of, or inconsistent, 12 hour dark period. I believe certain nutrient overdoses can also contribute to this.

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Yeah thanks Mac. I think I know how the light leak happened. I have a fan external as it is too big for tent and cos my tent is in three closed in sides so only access to roof of tent and front. So there fore I had a 4 inch duct going into the tent from fan through the zipper… This wasn’t a problem until my wife turned on garage light and I think light may have leaked up the 4 inch ducting. It had a couple of sweeping bends but think some glimmer of light would get through. :hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

I also are having continuos ph problems ??? I get it to 5.7-5.8 and the EC 198 but somehow over one or two nights the ph creeps back up to 6.3-6.4. This is bothering my “OCD” so much…:hear_no_evil:lol. I keep my nutrient ok. But maybe the introduction of bloom and super thrive and bug bud and bug candy. Maybe this stressed them too. I also have been practicing “The defoliators” way of stripping plant down for bigger and more buds. I have two folders of tutorials from “grow weed easy” book. Also have Roberts book. Doing all I can but as nebula haze says…Maybe I’m giving them too much love… :heart::heart::heart:

Yes, could be, a lot of new growers try and do too much too soon, and they also often kill their plants with too much love, helicopter parenting, over watering, etc. lol. In the beginning it is best to keep it simple and learn the basics, and that can include how you use nutrients as well.

I’ve never really seen training or pruning stress cause or seem to contribute to hemies. Only the aforementioned stressors.

What are you using to adjust your pH?

How big is the reservoir and how many plants and how big? If you have too small of a reservoir for the size of your plant or too many plants for the size of a shared reservoir, the plants’ activity during certain phases of growth will change the pH rather rapidly.

It never happened to me with outdoor… I been growing for 13 years now and this the first year in 15 that I’ve done hydro. Two seasons ago we had 70 outside and out of that all were female and never had a drama… Think I might stick to outdoor… Takes much longer but more worth it I believe. Peace man.

I have a 50 litre resovoir and 5 plants… I am using ph up and down. Can’t remember what brand. I’m at work ATM.

Depending on the size of the plants, you need more like 12-24 liters per plant. You can probably get away with 10 liters per plant with small plants.

Also it might be your nutrient brand. If EC in the reservoir really is 1.98, you might be good, but if you mean PPM of 198, that might be your problem right there. The nutrient brand might not have enough pH stabilizing minerals like silicon and calcium, but running too low of a PPM with a brand that normally has plenty will do the same thing, as air bubbles through the water, some will have a little CO2 in it and create carbonic acid, also other gasses and even the oxygen can contribute to other acids being formed. Normally, if you have enough of those pH stabilizing minerals in your water, the acids bond to them and become neutralized and no pH creeping. Depending on the scale you are using, you need a PPM of probably at least 400 for pH stability, maybe even as high as 600.

I’m sorry I didn’t notice that before and I was just seeing it as 1.98 EC, lol.

If you don’t feel comfortable jumping the PPMs up to 400, try at least 300 and I bet you’ll notice a huge difference.

Hey cheers… When you talking ppm… I know we have been through this once before. My meter measures the EC and also a setting for PPM. At 1.98 PPM the same meter reads 1300 ppm. I will attach the chart I am using for my nutrients.

So does that mean EC was 1.98 and you just left off the decimal point? Or did you mean 198 PPM?

I am home now. I’ll wait until 7am when my lights turn on and I’ll get the nutrients brand and take pic and send to ya. Appreciate your help. I got 5 weeks to go. I’m already hanging to start again with my clones I have going. I will change plenty. Stop nerturing. And leave them to do their thing.

1.98 yes correct mate. :+1:t3:

Ppm I just measured and it is 1440 and my EC is 2.01

OK, then too low of EC is probably not the problem, maybe you do need more volume in your reservoir for the number and/or size of plants.

About using House and Garden, I’m not the expert there, so pictures of charts and such, I’m not trying to learn every nutrient system out there, but as for House and Garden, I believe they have some sort of hotline help, or so I’ve heard.

Yeah. Well I just go by there chart which my shop man gave me. The nutrients I just took a pic of the ingredients.

Not sure if this helps you.

This is my setup Mac. I was off a fair bit. It’s a 200litre but I only had 40-50 litres in it. Maybe water was problem.