Root cause of hermie

Ive been trying to figur out what caused my plant or plants too herm out week 3 of flower. I had 7 plant going 2 have already come down , a auto critical x mazar, 2 super skunk photos and 4 puprple gelato photos. The auto and 1 gelato came down already both were actually pretty good but they were weeks ahead of the ones in question. So 2 SS and 3 PG. are left , i know they hermed because i found pollen on the super skunk consider this is my 3rd grow ever ,1st of so many at once, i cant confirm if it was heat or light leaks but only one actually hermed and pollenated the rest, i know i did mess up feeding , i ended up feeding beastie bloom bloom booster to my 5 that got pollenated, i fed them BB the first few week or two every other cycle , then i realized it was way to early to be feeding them that so i stopped. Yes i notice seed growth but i also noticed today ( week 5 of flower) while feeding them buds are getting pretty big and solid still. My question is would feeding BB to early cause them to herm , im going to finish them off regardless just to see what i get. I know the genetics are good because i only use ilgm, for a novice ive done over 30 plants without a problem. Any thoughts id greatly appreciate it oh and what do i do this the butt load of seeds ill end up having?



herming happens for a few reasons, and it’s essentially never a one-off incident (one light leak, one day of timers being faulty, one stressor like tol bright of lights or too much heat, etc).

It is:

  • genetics

  • two subparts to genetics - unstable (it will produce nanners because the breeder unintentionally reinforced the genetic self-preservation mechanism, whereby female plants produce male parts to ensure their lineage continues) - and fluke (when a seed happens to be XXY instead of just XX or XY)

  • extreme stress: too hot, too cold, wrong humidity, wrong nutrient load, wrong pH, light leaks, etc. but these are things that have to happen repeatedly and often in concert I.e. it takes more than just one of these happening once or twice in a grow to cause a stress herm.

There might be other environmental factors - but I honestly can’t speak to what those would be which would be distinct from stress.


Graysin pretty much said it all! But GENETICS IS HUGE! I had ILGM purple punch herm on me and it was in good conditions. No stress or anything crazy. It just decided to grow 1 stamen and pollinate the whole ROOM!!! Worst part was after i found it. I remembered seeing it while i was watering, and thinking “that looks wierd?” Lol live and learn. Good luck and dont get down! It happens to all of us!


I have Hermed plants by stressing them and trimming leaves off too often on photos. I did also have some heat issues.


Wow that exactly how i noticed it too lol paid it no attention till a week later lol. Im still gonna grow them out and see whatni get out of it. Cant be all bad .im a 70s baby so im use to seedy bud lol


Did you get any flower from it of did you trash them?

Plants hermie from stress. Stress comes from too much or too little of something.

Too much water, too many nutes, too much light.etc…

Too easy to blame genetics, it takes something to stress the plant first.


Had it went FULL ON HERMIE i would believe i was at fault. But with it growing no “bananas” on the flowers. And just one stamen, i believe it was just a genetic default. I probably could of just picked it off and not had any issues. But i didnt know any better! :person_facepalming:t5:


Good old Mendelian genetics for the WIN! :love_you_gesture:t5:


@Bluedream1 , I grew it out and the product was still good.
Funny that you are a 70’s baby and are used to seeing seedy bud. I can relate there as well.


It is all answered above, good explanation boys…but in my experience i have had a random male sac pop up on 1 plant of each grow pretty much. No stress factors either believe me. When one does pop up, it was always on the bottom third of the plant, another reason i started defoliating everything on the bottom third even though some think its bad to defoliate/prune. I believe all feminized seeds could potentially turn bc of how they are created. Regular seeds are more stable but not user friendly indoors, for most of us.


I have never found a strain yet that would not induce pollen. If one (@Bluedream1 yours was earlier I saw that) runs them past amber, EVERY strain there ever was will drop nanners and rodelize.

That said, everyone feels your pain. @Graysin is the man and said it great.

How was your pot size. What I mean did you up pot or did you run the same pots all grow? Root binding is a great way to induce herm traits. When I Bansai seeds runs it’s a good way to cull the unstable ones. The herms come out at the Bansai grows.

Were those classic pots or air pruning? Just checking off the list. I hope you keep a few seeds to try. I LOVE running random love seeds when I can. That’s how gorilla glue, Chemdog, and Cinderella 99 were discovered.

I am a ruthless mother fer at culling. I have done 100seed pheno hunts where I cull them all. Keep that in mind when trying bag seed.


I could be wrong but what we experience and call herming aka nanners is the plant intersexing. Genetic and environmental in a sense. The plant is saying holy s^%$ somethings wrong let me reproduce. How much stress they take before that point would be the genetic aspect. Some are tougher than others.
A hermaphrodite would be a female plant that grows male flowers (has both sexes). Straight up genetics.
But as i said i could be wrong, im not the sharpest tool in the shed.


There 5 gallon grow bags, the one that lest say popped a nanner, was the biggest plant but it was well into flower by then. Im not sure what really happened just know that it did happen. I know a few days my temp spiked up to 92 degrees , but who knows at this point . Ill have to a major clean befor i do more for sure.

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All cannabis seeds have the genetics to hermaphrodite or “hermie”. All! They are supposed to be bred with stable genetics. Proven.

Root cause? Gene is present everyday, what caused that gene to hermie? Stress, whether its a ph, light, fertilizer, wind, rh, and or physical condition, all can stress a plant to hermie.

I use Ilgm, old reputable seed bank, bad genetics, in this case hermies, should not even be a thought, thats why they are #1 .

I have read journals on plants that did hermie, and seeds got blamed. Yet they threw the kitchen sink in on nutes which can cause hermies. :thinking:

Good discussion from all the forum.
I think of it this way…
If the plant senses it is going to die before being pollenated, it will do the job on its own
So to me this is the “Root Cause”
Survival. And since male plants blossom early, before female plants sexually mature, the female will sometimes herm about the time they start showing pistils at the nodes if no pollen is present.
Keeping the grow environment stable and within good parameters will always be the best defense. But it is genetic so from time to time they just turn on ya. One good thing is sometimes the flowers are inert so they don’t pollenate even though they have blossomed.


Im definitely not blaming the seed. , more then likely i did something the over stress the plant , i believe it was from the nutes, i didnt realize i was feeding beastie bloomz bloom booster right after flip. I had several plants going all at different stages and forgot to separate the nutes. At least thats my theory.

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do i have hermies. i was inspecting plants and came across this and my heart dropped. these are ilgm do-si-dos i am ending week 4 of flower and i really dontt wanna chop this thing down or maybe its too late and my whole tent is trash idk. i need more experienced eye to look please

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I can’t tell whether you have a hermie or not. It is certain that there is some pollen in your grow area. Bummer.

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how can u tell theres pollen