Why are her leaves folding up

Just the last few days I’ve noticed some of my leaves folding upwards like they were going to make it cone. I’ve had trouble with nuts from the beginning and I’ve had everything that you guys are thrown at me in there and I can’t get rid of them but anyway what is causing the leaves to fold up like that

Tacoing is usually caused by heat or light issues. Too much heat or the light being to close, the light intensity, is usually the culprit.
Did you mean bugs? What kind of bugs?

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Gnats I’ve tried the mosquito bites I’ve tried the white powder that you sprinkle on top of the dirt and two other things that you spray on them and they’re supposed to all die but I’ll be down if they’re going to what works best is a tray of vinegar water apple cider vinegar I mean

I’ve had NAT problem since the beginning I’ve got seven plants and 2/10 so a lot of moisture but I’ve tried everything that you guys have suggested to get rid of these Nance and nothing seems to be working completely what works best as little trays of apple cider vinegar. But I moved the lights up about six more inches, we’ll see what happens. So even though they’re only eight weeks old if I turned them down to 12 daylight 12 night when they start to flower

Yes they will. The one I’m harvesting next week was 6 weeks from germination when I flipped it to 12/12. It’ll take 7-14 days after you flip to actually see buds start developing. In that time frame your plant will double in size almost.

Get your self some Bush doctor force of nature spray. It will kill the gnats instantly