White widow

Growing along, close to 4 months old. Seeds courtesy of I LOVE GROWING MARIJUANA.

Thanks for sharing.

your welcome, I come here on occasion , because it seems to be difficult to do things, like posting pics. and the disappear,
how many pics can 1 post, I send questions clearly in an email and asked what part of site do they pertain to
prices are great shipping is fantastic,

Yup, thanks for sharing. The site is improving and getting easier to use all the time. We are working on it, lol.

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thank you for replying back, will reduce pics. for future posting

Outdoor Farmer,

Your plants are beautiful. I have 3 white widow babies, but they aren’t near as big as yours yet. Thanks for posting the pictures.


I have 3 WW plants outside in pots. Two of them are only about 8 inches tall. One of them seems to be doing pretty well. They are about six weeks old. Is the one in the middle about what it should look like at six weeks?

I have bad eyesight; So I can barely make out the pplant in the camo’ background. However; It appears to be a little bush :slight_smile:

I think they are wondering as to why the center plant is nearly twice the size of the other two, Latewood. They are all white widow apparently, and the two on the outside are about 8 inches tall and the one in the middle appears about 16 or more inches tall.

There are numerous reasons as to why the one in the middle is doing so much better, and unfortunately we will likely not be able to give you a good answer as to why, it could be anything from epigenetics, even though they come from the same parent plant and have theoretically the same genetics – there are numerous things in the early development that can make an individual express it’s genes differently, or maybe that particular plant just got a more ideal growing environment that led to better root structure and/or better absorption of nutrients or numerous other things.

Oh. I see. Yes; Each seed is different, and can show individual traits. Well stated MacG! :smiley:

Thanks for writing! The one in the middle is continuing to grow really well. I think it had a better start from the beginning. I started it out in the pot and left it there. Made sure it got lots of sun. The two on the side were started in the ground … and when a neighbor spotted them down in my fields, I had to transplant them closer to the house in pots. I topped all of them about a week ago and they look good. I also gave them some nitrogen-rich fertilizer. It’s been raining so much, I haven’t had to water them.

I hope they’ll be ready before November when it gets pretty cold here.


I have a question if anyone can give some insight. So I live in the South East United States, and have pretty good experience for the last 10 years of growing. This is the first year that I have actually ordered online and purchased WW feminized and Super Skunk feminized from this site. 5 WW and 5 SS are around 1 foot, some are a little shorter and a little over a month old. Some are already showing white pistils which is no surprise since they are feminized. It is only late April and with my past experience, pistils started to show probably around June or at least many months after starting from seed. I’m just trying to figure out if they are starting to flower which would be impossible because the days are still getting longer and will until July. I didn’t order Auto Flower and don’t know much about Auto Flower but just trying to figure out why pistils are already showing a little after a month? Anyone have any answers or thoughts?