White Widow Hydro Grow first time

Hello all! Decided to make a grow journal to document the rest of my plants growth cycle. Many thanks to many of the members such as @Donaldj @ktreez420 @bob31 @peachfuzz @Hogmaster @Niala @Hawkeye_diesel for the assistance with many of my questions. I apologize if I forgot to mention you but you still have my many thanks! We’re on roughly day 71 in vegetative from seed. This is where we are at currently, how does it look so far?


Looking great dude!


looking really good @BrotherManBill

Lookin good, I see that the leaves are beginning to change

Lookin good… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

Heck yeah man,she is a beautiful Lil beast

@Hawkeye_diesel @peachfuzz @Hogmaster @ktreez420 I have several questions if anyone would be so kind to help me out.

My plant is currently around 18-22 inches tall and about 80-90 days into veg, I’m wondering if I should flip the plant over to 12-12. I understand that the larger the plant before flowering the more I will yield but at the same time I don’t want the plant to outgrow the space it has currently.

If I should flip to 12-12, should I do it the next res change? And what do I do about the nutrients? Use the same nutrients which are Advance Nutrients Grow A+B ph perfect and also add Advanced nutrients Big Bud? I’m not sure how the nutrients work with the flowering stage.

Also how stinky is the white widow plant during Flowering, I’m using Ona Gel right now outside the grow area and it barely masks the smell in vegetative. And any tips on masking the smell besides using exhaust/carbon filter, can’t fit those, would be helpful

If anyone could ballpark a ROUGH yield for something this size, i’ll include a picture, it would be helpful, any rough estimate would be appreciated.

And lastly, Here in about 3weeks I will be going out of town for roughly 5 days. Will the plant be ok without constant monitoring during the flowering phase?

I understand there are a lot of questions here haha, any help would be amazing!


boy @BrotherManBill that girl has really bushed out! i’d say flip the switch,but let us hear what others say…


Remember a plant is going to double or even triple in size durr7ng the flower stretch. I would flip now and I changed the res on the same day as I switched to keep it simple for me it was anyway. I believe they’ll get fairly aromatic before it’s all said and done.

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What changes once I flip to 12-12? In terms of nutrients and other maintenance. I was told by a buddy to buy Advanced Nutrient Big Bud, anyone familiar with that?

The plant will focus on growin buds. You would need some sort of flower/bloom fertalizer. What have you been using its best to stick with the same brand.

I’ve been using Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B PH Perfect. I’m not really sure if Big Bud is a bloom nutrient, I’m assuming it is, but I don’t understand much of the information on their website.

I’m not familiar with that product. I use the Fox farm trio.

Does this look about normal? I’ve still been using half strength nutrients though and would probably continue unless recommended to use more. Does the plant adjust well from being switched from one nutrient to another suddenly? And lastly, Like I have mentioned above, having to go out of town for roughly 5 days, will the plant be fine just chillin?


@Nug-bug Hey thanks for the inquire on my last topic, I just recently turned my plant to 12-12 and this is a picture of it recently. A little more bushy but not much else has changed.


Heres an update on the progress of my plant. It has become even more bushy, barely fits in the space and it looks pretty good so far I think. This is roughly 3 weeks into Flowering @Nug-bug @ktreez420 @Hogmaster @Donaldj @Hawkeye_diesel @peachfuzz ! Anyone have a rough rough estimate how much longer I am looking at time wise? Any other tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Lol I wouldn’t be too concerned she looks to be a bout done stretch so won’t get too much larger


Looks great man keep up the good work

For this strain the average flowing time is 60 days. if your 3 weeks in then you roughly have 5 weeks left. Can you wait that long?

I would say you’ve got more like 7 weeks left, in my opinion. I don’t count the first 2 weeks of flower as actual “weeks of flower time”.


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