White Widow (ILGM) First Grow Ever. Advice On Seedlings

This is my first ever attempt at growing and could use some helpful advice for my babies. They are 8 days old and are currently in jiffy pots and have sprouted up nicely. I will be planting them in ground when they get a bit larger. For now, I just want to know if they are looking healthy or if I need to do something to help them. They are receiving a ton of sunlight, however it is getting quite warm (~90 F, 32C). The leaves on some are giving me concerns. Any advice on what I can do to help them get bigger, stronger, and healthier would be much appreciated.

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They look pretty healthy. You might want to put them in the shade while they are young. Also be sure to keep the soil moist (not wet) you don’t want them to dry out when they are young but you also don’t want to keep them too wet either, need to find the happy medium.
But I would put them in a more shady spot if it were me. I would wait for a few others to comment as well.

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Thank you, I appreciate the advice. I decided to put them in the shade for now while the sun is beating down. Will let them catch some evening rays when it’s not so strong