First-timer - Any tips?

Ordered ILGM White Widow Autoflowering. I can legally grow 5 plants, so I spaced them out a bit. The oldest are at 37 days, then 28 days, then one plant is at 21 days. The two oldest plants were uprooted by a cat at 6 days. I managed to salvage them, though one’s growth seems a tad delayed/stunted.

I have them outside in these fabric pots. As for soil, I just used a mix from Lowe’s. I haven’t added any nutrients, and that’s one of my main questions. I got the ILGM nutrients with the seeds. Is it possible that with the nutrients already in the soil and the shorter cycle of the autos that I won’t need additional nutrients? If I do, when might I want to do that, and I haven’t really been able to find information on ratios and the quantity to use on a plant.

I have noticed that one of my plants has some yellowing. I’ve been pretty light on the water, out of fear of overwatering.

Because I’m a first-timer and growing outside, I’m hoping to let mother nature do her thing as much as possible. I don’t really want to mess anything up. I’ve basically planted the seeds, given a few of them a little support when they seemed like they needed something firm to hold onto in the breeze, and watered them. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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youll want to figure out exactly what soil you got from lowes so we can figure out what is or is not in it for your plants.

so far they all look healthy, the last pic might just be a runt of the bunch. Looks good so let her keep trying!

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@SkenderLake your plants look great! I am currently growing WWAF one at 9 weeks the other at 7weeks. The older one has been watered with nutes twice during her grow. I just followed the directions on the bottle for the ratio amount. I probably won’t give her anymore she seems to do fine with pH water. My 7 week has not and will not have any nutes just because she is planted in super soil. This is my first grow with ILGM and Autos.

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Looks ok to me. Maybe research LST for them which is fun and effective :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply.
This is the soil -

The last pic is the one that’s only 21 days.

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Your basic dirt and it will work but you might have to add a top dressing later on.

Are you pH balancing your feeding water?

You want to be careful of those types of mixes. Mixing your own is easy and fun!!

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Our water is pulled from a natural water source on the property. I just tested the water through the hose I use and it’s 7.85. The last time I tested, it was around 7.2.

If you dont have any pH down to adjust that to 6.5 - 6.6 pH, I would buy some if possible. your plants will love you for it.

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Following your blog now. Looking forward to watching your grow.
(Fellow midwesterner, but in a legal state)

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My first 2 grows were ILGM WWA. They took a lot of abuse because I was clueless. They survived and a couple of plants were very nice. The Lowes soil already has fertilizer in it (usually slow release) so just watch you plants for signs of over / under nourished. I am on a private well and it is 7.5+ PH. I have to decrease the PH to 6.5 or so. If rain water with low PPM is an option I would go that route rather than PH tap water. My WWA grew entirely using rain water and they loved it.


What would signs of undernourishment be? I have seen pictures of burn from too many nutrients.

They may have been mine :cry:. Lack of vigor, pale, even yellowing leaves which can be an indication it is taking nutrients from the lower parts to feed its growth / flower. At some point, hard telling when or the specific nutrient, the soil will become depleted of some of the nutrients they will need.

Chlorosis or a general yellowing is pretty common if you lack Nitrogen. Super dark green if you have too much. Ph is super important when it comes to nutrient uptake.
I highly encourage people that are starting out to use products, including soils and fertilizers that other growers here use. This helps the grower to be consistent and others be helpful when a beginner has issues. Its super difficult to diagnose issues with random products.
The main reason slow release sucks is because every time you water the plant gets fed a diet that cannabis probably isnt happy with. As a cannabis grower we want soils that are proven winners!

Did a little research on LST. It was a rainy day, so I gave it a try.

Nice :+1: bro that look good