White Widow Auto (First time outdoor grow)

Hey all,
I purchased some white widow auto’s and have watched many videos and done tons of research. All this information is just a little confusing for me. I plan to grow outdoors in the Nevada desert heat. I have a cheap greenhouse that has heat killed plants for me before. I planned on growing in organic soil using organic and dry amendments. Also have osmocote plus which works great on my roses. I popped 4 seeds using the paper towel method, then planted into miraclegro’s seed starting mix which consists of coco perlite and some light nutes. Mind you, it gets HOT here in the NV desert but I’ve read this strain does well in many climates. I’ve been slowly introducing the seedlings to the sun. Today I think i exposed them for too long as 1 completely curled up and the other looks like browninsh yellow on the first set of leaves. What should i do??
Any and ALL tips to have a successful grow and harvest here in the desert would be greatly appreciated!
I also have handy some cheap walmart Nature’s Way all purpose organic soil, steer manure compost, kelloggs organic lawn topper mulch that osmocote plus, liquid seaweed, unsulphured mollassess perlite, epsom salt and that seed starting mix from miracle gro. Not looking to spend any more money and have a first successful grow!
Would it be best to start the seeds in the coco mix? They took only couple days for all 4 to sprout. And then transfer to the soil? I started all seeds outdoors and its been super hot here lately and I dont want to kill any more plants. Please help!

Welcome to the forum, lots of great people around to help.

I lived in Vegas for years, and don’t miss the swing from 60 degree early morning to 100 + late afternoon heat, as you said, it’s the desert.

It will be hard for you to grow outdoors IMO.

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Thanks for having me!

That sure is a bummer to hear. And yes those heat spikes can be super fatal. :frowning:

But I’ve also read that it is very possible. I think heat and relative humidity will be my biggest enemies. And wind.

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I am growing white widow auto indoors , but I had an issue with nutrient burn. When the temperature got too high for a extended time my plants sucked more water. When they did they took in a toxic level of nutrients also. I am in recovery now but just a thought of being gentle on nutrients with that heat. But until they went into flower they were fine with the heat.


I did a search on forum “Outdoor Desert” few topics came up.
@Covertgrower maybe able to give you some tips…

This is a photo grow outdoors thread. I didn’t read it all…but looks like successful grow.


Sounds to me like this is exactly what happened to some of my other plants.
Glad your ladies came out fine! Thnx for input! :slight_smile:

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Yeah trust me I’ve read alot about OUTDOOR this and DESERT that. Soooo many different opinions and grow styles. I’m just trying to figure out what would work best for me given what I have and the desert conditions.

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:smile: you have the will and done your diligence… keep at it!!


@elheffe702 would be better suited to direct desert related questions. I’m never more than a few away from any body of water.

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NV is a hrash place to grow lol if it not hot it’s hail storms, wind and critters to name a few. Shade is number one pot doesn’t do good with our kind of direct sun, my friend built a 2x4s and a sheet of ply wood to shade his plants during the hottest part other day. And grow in containers so you can move them. But my daughter grew in her shaded yard trees fence so protection from sun and wind. But still a challenge.

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My daughter has a white widow few weeks old here in NV :slight_smile: and a pineapple express auto already in flower lol


Yep, shade cloth is your friend. And you can use bigger containers so you don’t have to water as often, but that means bigger plants, too. Be prepared for wind in the monsoon season. I’ve never grown outdoors, but I’ve lived in Vegas since 1999. Our weather can be brutal. @Big123 is in a similar climate and might have more to add.


You goys are awesome!

These are all good insights and appreciate everyone taking the time to help!


Both look beautiful too!! I was thinking about buying a shade cloth and finding a nice corner on my back patio to section off.

Now my patio also has an awning that extends shade over the backyard and the place i would have my plants seated would be exposed to full sun until about noon to 2 (sometimes already in the 100’s) and SUPER dry.

Will the low humidity effect the grow cycle? The harvest?

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Yeah limited direct sunlight, oh I forgot about this picture, you can’t see the shade he built, see the shadow on left, that’s a 7 foot blue dream in blue box, and a white widow in the bucket he moves to shade. Plants do okay but it’s not easy here.


You need a minimum 5 hours direct sunlight.

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Start them in the container you plan on finishing them in, as autos don’t like to be transplanted. Use a solo cup and fill in all around the cup then remove the cup fill that void with your potting soil and pop your seed in.

Totally understandable.

It’s hot enough for us, imagine them?

Sheesh. Ya’ll got some great looking ladies! I hope to even come close to a grow like that! Thank you @Dennis62 you’ve been a great help and thanks for sharing the photos!!

@Big123 What if the sunlight is too harsh? The heat has already killed off 2 of the seedlings as i was just trying to harden them up for transplant. Slowly introducing them to direct sun was fatal to only 2 seedlings 1 of them is thriving its quite leggy right now but the constant breeze has already sturdied the stem real good so far! I really don’t want to lose this last one. Anything you might add like whne to transplant? And is it ok too switch mediums? Which I intend to do. I hear that steer manure compost may be too hot for cannibus? But I’ve also read about people having success using it. Sorry for so many questions I just need to know all i can to save this baby! Is osmocote ok to feed or should i stick with organic dry amendments and ph’d water? Thanks again eeryone!! So glad i joined here!


Morning sunlight preferred over afternoon, having both ideal. I like using large containers outside, there are those who wisely argue using anything smaller than 45 gallon container for a photoperiod plant outside is a waste of time and effort. I mostly agree with them, 65 gallons the smallest one I’m using on my current photo grow. I like to grow organic soil with ph adjusted water :sweat_drops: I’m sure the steer manure will be fine, just don’t overdo it.

Big containers allow more roots and help the plant balance out the heat, plus lets them go longer between waterings :evergreen_tree:

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I will say this , if I ever get lost in the desert I hope I wander up to a place with 7 foot cannibus plants. “Thank you god an oasis”