Going straight outdoors in the heat?

So, I’ve got 10 seeds in distilled water (24hrs so far) and I’m tryin to decide whether to put them in solo cups and keep them indoors for a bit or whether I should stick them directly into the grow bags outside. Wouldn’t they aclimitize to the heat (101° today) better if they sprouted in a shaded spot in those big pots? Or is it better to start them inside?

I don’t have any indoor lights. I could order a small 4 bulb T5 fixture off Amazon but it wouldn’t be here until Monday or Tuesday. If I start them indoors, when the seeds pop, they’ll have to go into Solo cups and sit on a window sill until I get a light or they go outside. What would you do?

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I’ve never grown outdoors, but I can get some folks who have headed this way for you.
@highcountrygal @Sasquatch @FloridaSon are a few.

Depending on your latitude, your window to get them going outside may be narrowing.

@DTOM420 Howdy! If you are planning on growing outside get them out there as soon as possible they will acclimate rapidly just make sure they do not dry out. Put them in shade first before full sun I am a totally natural grower check out my journals:)


I agree with @highcountrygal get them out, Shade 1st then in to full sun. They tougher than you think


@highcountrygal @Sasquatch - So, you’re saying I’m good to put a seed straight from the paper towel into the soil in a grow bag; and all I need to do is shade them and keep them moist as they sprout?

Follow up question: what’s a good time to begin transitioning to full sun? 1 week after 1st set of real leaves appear, once they have 2 internodes, 2 weeks after they sprout?


I planted my WW Autos in Solo cups and places them outside in the shade, used cut clear soda bottle as humidity dome. 3 1/2 days later 4 out of 5 emerged. My temps are in the 90s with 105 heat index. No adjustment period needed when I transferred to grow bags.

My grow journal if interested:


@DTOM420 what you want to do is gradually work them into the sun say like early in the am let them have sun as well as the late afternoon just not straight into the ‘big’ sun. Remember you also just transplanted as well. If you have some ‘Super Thrive’ give them some it helps with transplant shock. maybe a total of 3-4 days


@DTOM420 here are 6 of my gals, I sprout them in dirt with a mister to keep damp and they are up in 3 days all are au natural.

They withstood 116’ weather last week


Ok, thanks y’all! I’m going to go from the paper towel straight into big grow bags in a shaded area; and I’ll build some of those moisture domes. I’m going to skip the solo cup step all together, hoping for zero transplant shock on these autos. It’s not heavily shaded but they’ll be protected from the intense afternoon sun while getting plenty of morning sun. I’ll slowly transition them over the next couple of weeks but I’ll ask for advice in my soon-to-be-created grow log thread.

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I’ll take a tag into that once you get it going :+1:

I don’t know about putting them out in 101 F. Adult plants don’t even like it that hot. They really don’t need any direct sun until they get a few leaf nodes. My clones grew great on the north side of my house until they were a couple of weeks old. Then I gradually moved them further from the house to get more direct sun.

Inside growers usually start new sprouts under a few CFLs for a couple of weeks. Same idea.

Personally I don’t see why if your planting seeds they cant be full sun from day one. If they sprout with full sun they’ll do fine in full sun. I thought you were going out side with seedlings.

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Get them outside but watch that the stems don’t go limp. Bring them in to a cool spot and water them if they do.

I have to agree with @Sasquatch

If you start them inside, then you have to harden them off in the shade before hitting full sun.

Remember, Sun is heading South now, so place them with full Southern exposure.

@FloridaSon - they’re exposed to the south east but are currently protected from direct sun after about 2pm because you just can’t expose very young plants (besides cacti) to the heat and intense west sun here, late in the afternoon. I’ll move them gradually to more and more sun. Right now I’m just waiting for them to emerge from the soil I planted them in today.

2 White Widow auto fem went into 10g and 15g bags. 1 WWaf went into a 1 gallon pot and 2 WWaf went into 1/2g pots with a mixture of FFOF, Happy Frog potting soil, vermiculite, Coco Loco and Rock Phosphate and additional myco. Popped seeds were dipped in myco water and planted into a solo cup worth of FF Light Warrior.

2 Ammesia Haze auto fem went into 10g bags and 2 other seeds went into 1/2g pots with a mixture of FFOF, Happy Frog potting soil, vermiculite, Coco Loco and Rock Phosphate and additional myco. Popped seeds were dipped in myco water and planted into a solo cup worth of FF Light Warrior.

The 5 White widow seeds took 2 days in water and 24hrs in paper towel to get 3 elongated roots; but the other 2 seeds popped open a 35hrs in water and only barely produced a root tip poking out after 80hrs of germination. The Amnesia Haze popped quickly and produced nice 1/2” roots. Not what I expected. If anything, I thought the Ammesia Haze might have popped more slowly.

I’m hoping those humidity domes I made from clear gallon water jugs will help mitigate the hot temps and dry breezy air. The Saran Wrap on the smaller pots is something I’ve always done when germinating ANY seeds.

I saw an interesting YouTube video where a guy cut slots out of the sides of plastic pots (like I did) and put them inside another pot, like a sleeve. Roots grew out of those slots and between the pot and the outer sleeve. This gave I’m long roots that he could lay out sideways when replanting. I thought it was pretty neat so I tried it. I’m going to transplant them into those 10g bags, with the identical soil mixture, to compare the end result - to see what works for me. I’ll probably pop some more of these seeds in 2-3 weeks and try them in other size bags, to further compare the results. I just don’t want everything coming in at the exact same time.

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With the temps and humidity I did OG KUSH autos for the first time, because that is what they need.WW, as people stated can’t handle high heat direct sun on a transplant. I plant all mine direct in soil, with no paper towel nonsense. If u are an outdoor grower(direct soil), never germinate first, unless you are an outdoor grower in a bucket, which I also do. Just don’t over water after germination and keep shaded, while in you solo cup.

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Plus don’t over think this shit! It’s not rocket science and everyone has all these miracle ways to grow. It’s all genetics, sizing, feeding, sun(light) and water. Then you have the people that are purist with a nature and political stance. Don’t use miracle grow or this product or that product. I will be coming out with a paper over the winter. It will be basic success of indoor,outdoor and potted outdoor. FREE!