White Widow Advice?

I started 3 White Widows on March 15 indoors, they were sickly for awhile after being infected by another house plant. (Healthy now) I started 5 more a few days later and now have 8 plants all about the same size and between 48 and 53 days apart. They’re in a tent, plants are 10" high with two 300LED lights 3’ above them. I just moved the lights down to 30" over the plants this morning, should I lower the light more? I’m wondering if they should have started to flowering by now. 4 of the plants will stay in the tent, 4 will be moved outdoors and planted in ground as soon as frost goes.

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Are they an auto strain or photo strain?
If they are photo strain they won’t start to flower until you change the light cycle over to 12/12.
I’ve never grown autos so I’m not positive on the length of Veg time before they start to flower.

As far as the height of your light it would depend on the actual wattage they are. You said they are 300 but are they actually 300w? Light manufactures will out the output on the lights but will also let you know the actual draw wattage.
I would think you could lower them down a bit though. I use a 600w HID fixture and generally keep it about 12" away so I would think you could lower it down a bit. Let some others comment first though just to be safe, I’ve never used LED lights so I could be mistaken.

Auto fem and the lights are 300W LED. I did go back on my notes and see I can lower my lights. I couldn’t find that much info on white widow other than the height on them. Not sure how long they should be in veg state and how long they flower? Plus 4 are going outside. I’m going to take another picture, not sure what a flower looks like but could these be flowers? I’m a new grower!

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It does look like they are starting to flower.

@Matthew420 I think has grown some white widow auto flowers before maybe he can give you an idea in Veg and flower times. (I think he has anyway I could be mistaken)
@bob31 has grown autos before also (not sure if he has grown white widows) but he might be able to give you an idea in Veg and flower times.

Those look like they are starting to flower. You could move your lights down to within 12" of your plants as long as you acclimate them to it.

I didn’t grow auto’s but those are definitely starting to flower.

Do you have the manual that came with the LED? I would lower it slowly, an inch or 2 day and keep an eye. I know with mine I can get down to about 24" before its starts to become a problem.

Thanks, I’ll start lowering the lights. I already did lower them from 3’ to 30" today. I’ll contact @bob31, he’s already been very helpful to me. I wasn’t sure if they were flowers, I did some reading today and see auto flowering start flowering in about now.

I have another question about the 4 plants that are going outside into the ground when frost is out. Does it matter if they have started to flower when I transplant them? I can’t grow all 8 in my tent, it’s 4’ X 4’ X 7’2".

Don’t be surprised to get some different opinions on this one… Personally, I think you’ll be okay. The idea is to not shock the plant and slow it down. Some people say don’t transplant an auto at all. I don’t fully buy into that but I haven’t grown auto’s so it hasn’t mattered.

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@Bobbi you are going to have to be very careful when transplanting.

What size pots are they in now?

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I’m leaving the 4 plants in original buckets, the other 4 are just going outside in dirt. They are in 3-4 gallon buckets, 4 of them. 2 are in hanging planter, 2 in regular planter. But those are just going outside.?

@Bobbi I get 9 auto’s in a 4x4 tent just train the cover leaves out of the way and use air pots they take up less room and give better roots a 10l air pot is equivalent to a 16l pot which is more than big enough for an auto?? @bob31?? ohh 16 litre is around 4gallon is I think

can keep em all nice and snug then

What about the heater, room for that? And lights, I only have two 300W LED, can’t afford any more.

heater in a tent?? ohh wait LED lighting?? cant you have the heater outside and vent it through ducting into the bottom of tent? or maybe a small tower heater for the corner

No, it’s a tower heater and our basement stays at 68 degrees year round. I have to plant 4 of them outside, if I take the whole ball of dirt out at once, I think I won’t slow the plant down much when planting outside.

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a touch chilly down stairs too then imo I only mentioned LEDs coz they have next to no heat give off from what I have read in here, 75 degrees is optimal maybe even 78-80 through veg I find… well as @bob31 said just be careful transplanting them don’t wanna hurt the lovely ladies… never had a chance to grow outside everything has to be done inside hush hush shhhh lol

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I have neighbors too and have to be hush, hush. If the sun would cooperate and stay in one place for 6 hours, I could use my back yard. I’m too old to dash out and move the plants as the sun rises and sets so I picked out a marshy area down the road from us, very isolated except for the deer. Some guy on here suggested I plant Marigolds around the plants so the deer don’t eat them. That would surely attract the medical chopper that flies over the marsh! LOL

You can always use your own piss Tamark around your plants and I don’t think you have enough light to do all nine and doors but you will be very happy with the results I’ve grown several white widow autos and have been very happy great results


I hear you there @bobbi… want to keep them prying eyes away from you secret garden

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If I kept most of plants in tent and left them in the buckets they’re in now and they fit, why put them in mesh bags?