Newbie growing white widow auto flower

This is my first time ever growing anything. I honestly have babied this thing. I’m growing out of a 2x2 ilgm white widow auto flower
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and having issues with the plant growing into the light and having no more room, first mistake should have went bigger with the tent. But I was really wanting some advice does everything look okay, considering I’ve had some heat and light stress so I super cropped and bent the stems on 1 plant and it’s doing okay. And tips would work great


Hello and welcome! First try reuploadinf pictures a d wait for it to load 100% b4 posting. Im growing ww auto from ilgm as well in a 2x2. Its my first “bud” grow as well. Will help if i can when i see pictures
Also im sure someone with plenty experience will be along soon to help out. Sometimes its quick response and sometimes it takes a little bit. Happy growing :call_me_hand:

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They look good to me!
As far as them growing and running out of room, did you do any lst when they were younger? Also i have been told if the lights are to far away when they are in the early stages the plant will grow taller or “strech” to get more light.
My girl isnt as old as yours but i didnt think ww autos were suppose to get tall but be more compact. This is here at almost 4weeks 3days ago. 10inches tall. Lights are currently 20inchs above her.

Also Ill show a pic with the lst i did yesterday.


See I measure light distance and everything to keep the light at its proper distance. I was afraid to do lst since I’m new to this and didn’t wanna mess anything up. So I turned down the light to 75% too and bought a fan to get rid of some heat. I don’t really know I’m on week 9 and I feel there is a lot of fox tailing going on maybe not?


Lets see if @DoneDeal can help.

I im a bit to inexperienced to say for sure. Just from compairing in pictures online i would say that its possible. Same time they do look good to me :sweat_smile:

How many are in you tent btw?


2 plants that’s all I could fit and that’s pushing it, I’ve had to prune 3 times already just so other parts of the plant could get light.

@Highgrow thanks growmie for the tag. If possible tie the colas so they lean away from the light besides that they look good. Don’t worry about foxtails it comes with some strains my gorilla glue auto did the same. @Twed17 turning the light down was a smart move pal and air circulation is important to keep her happy. Here are some great people that know way more than me @Newt @OGIncognito @SilvaBack203 .


Appreciate the tag Grow Bro, @Twed17 can you post some overall plant pics and light distance? Are you using a meter or app to set your lighting intensity? What light are you using, buds look really good in the pics but the cupped leaf edges definitely resemble heat issues :love_you_gesture:


They are growing above the light actually in some area and the one directly under the light I had to super crop and bend the branches a couple weeks ago. I’m hoping to harvest in the next 2-3 weeks


And I don’t have an app or anything just a dimmable light, the vs1000 and a hygrometer running about 72 degrees with around 65% humidity.

Their a BEAUT, an trial & era, next season unless you indoor like me you can grab a bigger tent, if you have the space. Then you really go big.

I’m new to this forum can i follow other growers?
Thanks and have a good one,
From NY (at the moment) this CLOUDZ 4 U💨

They are literally passing this set up’s light source… Awesome​:rofl::joy::pray:

Love the way you used cut up piece’s of foil?

I tried it last year and know the girls love it. AWESOME.

They were actually cut pieces of the material on the inside of the tent(cant think of the name atm) it came with my setup.:metal: