White Widow Advice?

Well i wouldn’t move them now i’d leave them as is… but in future for me @bobbi prevention is better than cure… why risk root knot issues if you don’t have to fabric pots and air pots allow for the roots to self prune as the roots hit the edges they die off and send out new fibers… rather than curling up into a giant mess

That is a lot of plants for a 4x4’ tent. Make sure to buy extra fans to keep the air circulating. Happy growing, :slight_smile:

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@latewood, the subject started out as me asking if I could move my lights closer to plants. Then the subject came up about my plants starting to flower. I had planned on transplanting 4 of them outside, leaving 4 in the tent. I was told to be very careful when transplanting because they are starting to flower , you agree? I can’t plant outside until frost leaves the ground, End of May. Plants are white widow, auto started March 15- March 21.

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I will be harvesting my first grow ever today. Grew 10 white widow autos. Put seedlings into dirt on Valentines day. They are puny because of being in a basement with temps in the 60s and humidity in the 30s for most of veg time. Took one early (about a week ago). It seemed to mature faster than the others. About 40 grams of dried bud. Buds are a bit airy too. But, the end product is great. Maybe that will give you a little info on timing. Probably 12 weeks from popping the seeds to having some awesome smoke. Thanks for all the advice on this forum. I know I will need a gas heater, whole house humidifier, and a few other odds and ends before I grow in the snow again.

It is a lot @latewood but i have an 18in box floor fan with spinning front panel, and then a 16inch fan on a stand too so fresh air circulating around the bottom and fresh air circulating around the tops :slight_smile: I learnt the hard way about air circulation a few burnt tops later now i don’t mind the sound of 3fans going together lmao

12 weeks, that includes drying time?

For the 3 puny plants with airy buds, yes. They yielded about an ounce each of high quality trimmed dried buds. Some of the plants grew much nicer, and they are still drying. I also have 2 left to wet trim before I hang them. I’m hoping some of the others have higher yields. They must, since they are taking longer to dry.

Are these auto WW? My auto white widow have just started to flower, I have them on a 18/6 schedule. Do I need to go on. 12/12 light schedule or does’t it matter with auto?

I originally had mine on 18/6 as well. Dropped them to 12/12 when I saw first flowers. Posted to this forum and they said to run the lights continuous 24/7. So, I did. I guess the reasoning is give them as much grow time as possible, since they are immune to photoperiod. Near the end, some of the top leaves and one top cola appeared to have light burn. But I’m sure they yielded a lot more than if I had not just turned the lights on and ditched the timer. Good luck.

Are these White Widow AUTO? That you put on 24/7.

@Bobbi alot of ppl say run the light 24/7 for autos I’m growing my first northern lights auto, had on 24 for a week now I’m trying 18/6 to see if I see any kind of growth rate change but I’m guessing I won’t see anything crazy. As for transplanting the autos ppl say not to cuz stunting them in anyway will effect yield. With your space issues I kinda feel you are gunna be forced to so I would recommend bontonic care’s super thrive. It’s supposed to help plants rebound quicker when stressed. So if the spot you picked is nice n sunny n you give em a nice watering with super thrive I don’t see them getting too stressed or stunted. As for deer though… Every grow I ever tried before this was outside, n I was much younger, but deer always ate my plants. I’ve tried pissing around them Irish spring soap tied around the grow area and they still seemed to sniff out the plants. I personally wouldn’t grow outside in the woods with anything less than some chicken wire fencing for protection.

Starting seedling 24/7 for a week or 2 is fine @Tonyb i start them like that myself then drop back to 18/6 when i switch from my t5’s to either cfl or mh depending on space at the time…

@Tonyb I decided to take the potted plants outside but keep them in their pots. I did have the sprouts on 24/7 for the first couple of weeks before putting on timer of 18/6. I’ll just have to keep them close to the house where I can put them in the garage at night. We fed the deer all winter and they still come for corn. I’ve put too much care into the plants to lose them to the deer.


Just make sure they get alot of sunlight or the yield will suffer. You could even put some CFLs or something cheap in the garage so they get light when inside still


Transplanting can be stressful to plants and for that reason we generally try not to transplant during flower; However, If you are careful not to disturb the roots, you should be able to move them outside. That is a while to wait…End of May :slight_smile:


@latewood If I leave them in their pots and put them in a wagon to follow the sun, can they handle the ride? We have heavy wood on 3 sides of our home + neighbors.

you can lower the air pressure in the tires so the trailer does not bounce

Just remember everything is better with a little rest I found all of the autos I’ve done I’ve had better results if you give them rest 18/6 I like 15/9 16/10 down to 12/12 light cycle

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That’s how to get great harvest from smaller ladies. I found I get more trichromes per square millimeter on the buds. More frost, more fun. :sunglasses:

I didn’t mean a big wagon, this is a small wagon. Picture is a tad warped but it’s only 32" long.

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