Which soil to use with Bergman's Plant Food?

Hi everyone!
I’m new to growing and this is my first post. I received my White Widow Autos and my order of Bergman’s Plant Food. Can anyone please provide their recommendation on which soil to use? I would like to use the proper type so that I don’t have an excess of nutrients when I water/feed with Bergman’s Plant Food.

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I’m not sure what you actually have available to you but any good organic soil will work the key is to make sure there’s no slow release plant food in it. Best thing would be to find some formulated for cannabis very popular to use fox farm products


Thanks for the help MeEasy! I’m in the Bay Area in California, so I should be able to buy the more popular products. I looked up the Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil. Is this one that you recommend? I read some reviews where people said you could go at least 45 days without adding nutrients and others said you could go all the way to harvest with just water. Sounds like maybe I didn’t have to buy Bergman’s Plant Food after all?

@japaroni Welcome to ILGM forum! You would be better off using Fox Farm Happy Frog imo, it isn’t as “hot” and will deplete quicker. I think FF is in Cali.

Thanks Holmes! I’ll try Happy Frog. I’m thinking about starting in Light Warrior which looks to be safer for seed and then transferring to Happy Frog. Appreciate it!

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