Which Germination Method Works Best for Autoflowers?

I am trying to germinate some Goldleaf autoflowers.

Out of the many methods mentioned on here, I still cannot make a decision. Please advise.

Also, I have Rapid Rooters, but the more I researched into using them for germination, it seems as though other methods such as the H2O2/Water in a cup or paper towel method potentially have a better germination rate. However, being a newbie, I am unsure if certain methods are better suited for autoflowers than photoperiods, and vice-versa.


@MarijuanaPlant. I use the same method for all my seeds. Auto or photo. I do the paper towel almost exclusively. Usually within 24-48 hrs they have cracked or have tails.
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Solo cup, Coco coir and humidity dome. Most pop at 3/4 days. Transplant 7-10 days from sprout.


My boyfriend and I grew autos last year and just the same as feminized seeds we just used a cup of H2O dropped the seeds in let them soak for 24 hours and then once the seed broke open and there was tap roots we put between a damp paper towel and 2 plates put in a dark area and let the roots come out a lil more then planted them right in the soil. Autos pretty much grow themselves. Good luck to you and hope you will update us all on your grow.


I have switched from paper towel to shot glass of water drop or to of poroxide coverd in the oven with light on the light keeps it warm all my seeds have started since I went to this method


They have been auto

I’ve only germinated 2 of my seeds. I did a tap water soak (1 sank, 1 swam). Followed by paper towels, and finally dirt. I’m a little bit brave now, so next 2 will be water soak then into dirt.

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I use the paper towel H202 in a ziplock bag close to my furnace where it never goes below 80f. They take 48 hrs. to crack and spring a root. The temperature helps allot!


I use Rapid rooters exclusively get you something like a solo cup get your rapid Rooter and fill the Solo cup with Coco coir to where you can still fit your rapid Rooter in there and cover it a bit soak the Coco coil in water put your seeds in the shot glass with a little bit of water late a day or two when you see him crack in a tiny tail sticking out use tweezers and put them in the rapid Rooter tail down then put your rapid Rooter and your cup of Coco coir and put a little bit of cocoa around the sides and a hair on top the hold it and a couple days maybe three or four five most your seed should be popped out in your good to go


welcome to the forums @MarijuanaPlant! lots of great folks on here with tons of knowledge and experience. ask questions they will help, do lots of reading on here, lots of things that happen to all of us. good luck in your grow!


Did you fill the shot glass to the top with water?