Where to place AC infinity probe in tent when curing?

Hello. Where would you place the humidity/temp probe in the tent when using it to keep humidity in a tent constant? Mid level or towards the top? Maybe it does not matter? Trying to keep it accurate at 55 percent.

Where your buds are drying. Curing should be done in a sealed container.

First day do at 65%, 2nd day fo at 60% then 55% and hold. Try to keep it not to warm in there and not to much airflow. Turn off all your fans other than the exhaust fan.

Thanks for the placement advice. Also the ramp guidance will help prolong the cure just raised the level from 57 to 65 hopefully and will drop over the next couple of days. I left all the sugar leafs on to help with moisture but will probably regret it when trim time.
I ended up getting a second tent to cure as some plants were ready and some not. (Over planted a 27x27) Inside tent temp is 70 to 71F. I have a C vault for curing and am torn between using it and jars as am still afraid of finding bud rot in one of the batches. Thanks and stay safe.

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Cvault for sure. In the future if you don’t want to spend so much get groove bags.
I advise a big 1lb bag for each plant you grow, it’s ideal to put the whole plant in one cure container and jars are a hassle but they also allow to much light in amongst other things. I’m switching my jars all out for grove bags myself after some well experinced growers have tested them for 2 years I’ve decided it’s time to switch. Cvault are amazing but so pricey.

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I have been reading the bag thread for a while now. Guess I will order some. Would you know if it is common for people to mix different plants of same strain into a four liter C Vault?
By the way tent is at 69F and 59 Rh for start of day two drying.

Never heard of them until now and just looked. Pretty cool looking.

I read about them in one of the grow journals here. I also asked a question about them in this community and received good feedback, except the price of course. This grow was just a practice to germinate seeds but I did not have the heart to kill them so carried it through. Amazing that members here where able to get me this far.

I don’t see an issue with this. I would keep differing strains separate though.

Pretty much ideal conditions. I shoot for 70F and 60% RH.

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Mixing strains is fine but you might never know which is which unless ones purple and ones green lol.
Ive made that mistake once before, I had a 5 gallon cure bucket full of two different strains by accident… And one was indica one was sativa but I couldn’t tell them apart because they were both green ooops.

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+1 for the Grove bags. Loving them so far. I do have and use one of the small size CVaults that I use for short term storage of whatever we’re smoking at the time. This way the Grove’s aren’t opened very frequently. May not be necessary, but it keeps me happy. :rofl:


Honestly that’s exactly what I was thinking of @CygnusX1 just getting a small one to fill with what I’m using at the time. But then again I figured I can just buy a small grove bag and do the same.
The reality is I don’t smoke much and when I do I’m starting to press hash rosin dabs now anyways.

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So, I had done the same and got some small grove bags as well.

Here’s what I hadn’t considered. They don’t have the same type of fold flat style bottom that the larger Grove bags have, and therefor squish the buds a bit.

I’ve demoted them to if I want to carry some with or give a little away. Small CVault all the way for short term home storage IMO.