Grove bags at 60?

I harvested last week and hung in my tent for 8 days till small branches snapped when bent. Trimmed yesterday and put in grove bag. Put hydrometer in the bag to keep track of temp and humidity. I checked today and it is at 44. Will it eventually go up to 60 or should I open the bag everyday for a bit till it gets up there? This is my first harvest and am worried about mold. Thanks guys!


I’d leave the bag closed until it gets to at least 55%, depending on if and how fast it rises. Grove Bags are pretty good at preventing mold. I’ve only had it when I’ve bagged while too humid. 44% is really low. Like, crispy, dusty low, if maintained at that level for too long. If you have fresh leaves, throw a couplenin with the bag. Ideally, you want 58-62% in your bag, with 62% being on the sticky, icky side.


What is the RH of the room they are stored in?
I been useing grove bags fir couple years now and at first I’d put the hydrometer in and it seemed sometimes it would and sometimes not :man_shrugging:

I just quit putting them in and trusted the product :sweat_smile:
I love these bags and while I can’t give you exact numbers I can tell you the best trick I’ve learned with them to help get sticky stinky nugs every time.

It turns out if I put the bud in the bags way before I would jars it works out great.

When useing jars for example the fans would actually snap off at the stems but with grove bags the fans are actually still a little flexible and dont snap off clean but rather “pull stings” down the stem.

It’s like the bags finish the drying and gives a perfect cure from there.


Inside humidity in that room and the house in general is 40%. That’s why I was wondering how it’s supposed to rise up to 60. I could snap some leaves off of another plant and put in there if you think that would work. I kept the tent it dried in at 500% for a week.


I plucked 2 leaves off a live plant and stuck in the bag. It is already up to 53%.

So ones it gets up to 62 should I take the leaves out or leave them i


60% is perfect. The RH in my Grove bags hover between 58-62% :love_you_gesture:

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If it absolutely will not come up to arpund 60% add 3 or 4 fresh fan leaves. Once the rh% come up to where you want it. Pull the leaves out.


I added 2 fresh leaves and it came up to 56%. And has held there for 2 days. I will add another leaf today and see how it goes. So far it’s looking good.

I haven’t tried any yet gonna wait till it’s ready in about a month.