Grove Bag Curing for Beginners

Please help, the other topic has 2k+ replies.

How do grove bags work,
are they vented,
What relative humidity does it settle to,
Do you use large bags or smaller for smoking,

If you have over 30oz, best way to go,

Is curing time about the same length (6-8wks)

Thanks in advance.


Grove bags work and maintain 58-62% humidity. Once you cure the typical 10-14 days and get the internal moisture at 10-12% at the budsites, then you toss em in the bags and forget about them other thn to check the moisture content is not rising. Grove bags have the option to ziploc or heat seal. They are great folks to talk with. They have multiple sizes and the black bags with the small viewing windw are the best option. Build your own from the website.

I grabbed 4 of the QP bags and 24 of the 1 oz bags. Do not stuff them. Leave about 25-30% head room.


I put the bud in grove bags when it is dried to around 60% (10 - 11% moisture meter reading).
I like 1/4 pound bags. Large enough to hold a decent amount while not compacting the flower. I toss in a mini hygrometer to monitor humidity. If 60% I don’t open them. If above 62% I open the bag. This probably isn’t necessary but I follow the rather be safe than sorry line of thought.
I’m not sure about minimum cure time. Once bagged and at the right rh they don’t get opened for several months.
At that time I put some in mason jars for daily consumption.


Go to thier web site they explain the process and how there bags work. It not snake oil. In combo with a moisture meter it a game changer as it removes any guess work!


They ain’t cheap though.


Have you priced a ball jar lately?? The bags are cheep!


They work so easy!
You just put the buds in them after they have been properly dried and then you just leave them alone.
I put hydrometers in mine but really dont need them.
They do a very good job at stabilizing the humidity but i just like to check them.

I do not seal mine up with heat, i only zip it closed (assuming you got the zip lock ones, i think they sale some that have to be sealed)
But I’ve used these same bags for going on 2 years and they work amazing!

Im bagging some up at the moment actually

Cure time can be as little as 2weeks with them but the longer the better obviously.
I usely start checking on them buy pulling a nug and smoking it at the 2 week mark and 2weeks in a grove bag seems to be like a month in a jar to me.
2-6 weeks is good. Longer is better but its faster then jars for sure…

I’ve learned i can put it into bags a little wetter then i use to put it into jars and it appears to give me a sticker product in the end :man_shrugging:
Could just be in my head about the sticker but i definitely bag it up wetter then i ever did jar it, with no ill effects…

I use the 1lb and ¼lb bags and i wish i had got more qp bags and some 1oz bags. The 1lb bags dont get used much with my small grow :sweat_smile:

And I dont think they are expensive at all for what they are. Ive paid alot more for jars


Question, if I’m using jars and boveda packets what’s gonna be the difference using these bags. I hear about them but haven’t done any research yet


Bags are infinitely better. Jars and boveda will work to keep your bud at 58 or 62% but they seem to have a negative effect on terpenes. Plus you have to monitor RH and burp the jars before you can even add the boveda packs. With Grove bags you just put the bud in once it’s dried and that’s it. It maintains perfect RH without any effort. Basically foolproof.

I just did a comparison with zkittlez. The bud from the bags smells, tastes and smokes so much better than from the jar. It’s not even close. Plus it seems stronger. That may just be because it’s a more enjoyable smoke.

If you get Grove bags order directly from their website. Before you order sign up for their email list and you’ll get a $10 discount code.


@Outlaw thanks. I think i will try these bags on my next harvest. Appreciate the input

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No burping, and no packs.
Just not burping was huge for me. I never used the packs but that’s 1 less thing you have to pay for i guess


It’s slow tonight at work so I’ve been looking into these bags and the more I look into them the more I want to invest in these bags. Can you reuse the bags


Yes they are reusable. You don’t have to buy in bulk either, there’s a build your own bundle section that is cheaper!


Awesome thank you

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Great information guys. Much appreciated.

Maybe my process is off. (Outside grow)

Cut down beautiful herb(hopefully no rain for 3days)
Usually cut limbs off main stalk.
Trim off big protective leaves.
Hang upside down for drying.
Check daily. (Smell, feel, stem bending)
3-6 days for me.
Trim off tea leaves and buds. (Saving leaves)
Put buds in quart jars, @3/4 full. 0.5-1.2oz per jar.
Add hygrometer and lid jars.
Burp 1-2 daily, 15m - sometimes longer.
When RH remains fairly consistent, stop burping.
Constantly monitor RH, while enjoying herb.

My concern, I have so many jars to burp - will grove bags reduce burping?

I’m positive, burping enhances smokability.
And, I realize I have a good problem on my hands - just trying to optimize my time. From what I’m reading, grove bags may help with storage not the burping process. Am I wrong?

Love your help and advice.

I had a super crop this summer. (Virginia)


How do you measure moisture level at buds?
How can I measure thc levels?

Is it worth money needed for equipment?

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Some use this or one by another mfg. 10-12% and you stick the pins into the center of the bud or the stem right below the bud for reading.

You don’t burp Grove Bags. If they go in the bag at 58-62%, then other than monitoring you leave em. I have a zip in a bag from my last harvest I haven’t opened for almost 3 months.


Bonjoyle, thanks for moisture device copy.

My herb usually starts out around 70-80%, burping down to 60-65%. Am I doing this wrong? Maybe I should hang dry longer?


Alot of factors as to where you live and your typical enviro conditions but here is a blueprint most folks use.

10-14 day slow dry at around 70º F and 50-60% humidity. Constant indirect airflow and dark. After you get the initial drying stage done, some folks will “sweat” in a cardboard box to pull a bit more if the internal bud moisture to the outside of the buds. At this point you should be at the 10-12% internal moisture target and if so, straight into the groves for the long cure.

Also the moisture % are 2 different things we are talking about. The RH (Relative Humidity) of the drying space should be around the 50-60% mark. The 10-12% I refenced for knowing when to bag is the internal moisture %. Just wanted to clarify that.


There is no burping the grove bags. Burping is only to let out excess moist “aka humidity”.
The bags are not simply “plastic” though you’ll see people call them “plastic bags” for ease of speach.

But they are made from a special film that lets moisture pass through the bag keeping RH in the 58-62% sweet stop.

You do not ever have to burp grove bags, they will stabilize between 58-62% on there own…

I have had my smoke be over dried (my fault) and it dosen’t bring RH up to good once really low.

In this case i would pluck a fresh fan leaf or 2-3 from whatever i got growing and stick it straight in the bag.
The moisture from the leaf works its way into the rest over a period of time.

But I work 60-90 hours a week and no way i could continue to grow and work if not fir my grove bags and autopots…