C VAULT for Curing or No?

So I’m about to harvest my super skunk and strawberry kush plants in the next two weeks. I flushed today and will flush again tmrw…but I wanted to know people thoughts on the cvault as far as the cure goes? I’ve heard and read a lot of good things and read some bad things. I’m highly interested because it seems like its cures your plants a lot faster with out having to burp them all the time. I’ve also heard you lose some of the smell your strain gives off initially but it’s fine when you break up the buds. Has anyone used the Cvault and what opinions does our community have. Thanks!!


@Silasbotwin3 I have not used a cvault. Maybe you could send a screenshot or a link from amazon?
When chopping them down sometimes it does smell like hay, and the terpenes come back after being placed in a jar.

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I have 2 cvaults and I like them. The boveda packs last quite a while in them. I don’t have much experience curing other ways except colored mason jars. I do still use both the vaults and mason jars depending on yield :wink:


Cvault is a sealed container just like a jar right? So I don’t see it being any different, especially for the price. I am a believer you should leave humidity control packs out during cure though. Then add them for storage after a reasonable cure period is complete. I’m wondering if maybe that’s the difference in why some people don’t like them as much for curing.


I’ve done Mason jars in previous grows. Read that you lose 10% potency in jars vs using vault. ( this could obviously be a myth ) Mason jars have been known for being used for harvest cant imagine it’s that big of a difference. I just want the best cure possible.


I totally agree with you on loosing that much potency when using Jars.

I would love to see the data on this.

Silasbotwin3 = 10% potency in jars vs using vault

Air tight is air tight. Even if the bovada makes that big of a difference, which I don’t believe it does, you can easily put them in jars too.

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They’re pretty expensive to store small amounts of bud. More pricey the bigger they get. I read the description on Amazon and it states uvb light breaks down the potency by 10%. Seems as long as you store the glass jars in the dark there probably isn’t any difference. They are nice containers though. Also you’ll have to burp the c vault the same a jars.

I read the opposite. It said you wouldnt have to burp with a cvault. That was the point. But also I’ve noticed in jars that early on alot of the buds stick to the sides. It seems.like your losing so.much thc. The vault supposedly doesnt do that. I might just have to buy it and find out by trial and error. Worst case scenario I use the bowl to make baked goods and store in the fridge!! :joy::joy::joy:

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There isn’t any way around having to burp the container. For the first two or three weeks it’s important to burp three or four times a day. That’s the time the bud developes it’s wonderful smell and will prevent mold from forming. Then it will be ready to place in long term storage. That’s what this container is for and I’m sure it works great. I have no doubts about that.

It says the boveda packet are good for 60 days. FYI you can rehydrate the used packets. I use a hydrating packs for my guitar. Get two plastic containers so one fits inside the other. Add a little water in the big container. Place the boveda packets inside the smaller container then place into the big one and seal the big container. The packets should be good as new in a short period of time.

Enjoy your harvest. Super Skunk in on the list for my next seed order.

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