Where to get cbd oils or high cbd strains

I’d like to get some pure cbd oil or a lab tested high cbd strain.I only feel pain relief after the intensity of thc is gone.
Occasionally I’ll get a piney tasting strain that helps with pain,muscle tightness but every strain I’ve tried causes anxiety.
CBD crew has some 6-7% cbd strains.Others banks seem to work with CBD crew to get a strain of thier own.
Does ilgm have any cbd strains that have lab results/


This would be a question for Robert. I will shoot him an email and see if he has time to check in. Everyone appears to be on Holiday; So, I am not sure when that will be. :slight_smile:


I’d love to see the answer to this too! :relaxed:

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We currently sell a 5% CBD oil. I have some customers who have used it and are again purchasing as return customers. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay. I suggest yo look through the Growing with fishes podcast for info on this. A couple weeks ago, we had a show about medibles and concentrates using coconut oil as a base, and it is really safe and works excellently.

Getting a higher purity of CBD oil is an expensive process.

One way to get higher quality is to take you organic matter and bubble it before conversion or cooking.

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I buy my CBD tincture online. 3000mg for $150.

Weedmaps check it out

You can increase the CBD’s by letting your grow a little longer.

Just find out the [best CBD oil for medicinal purpose]

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Hi @Fepony - could you shoot me a link in a private message where you buy this? I have bad arthritis and am looking for a good source of cbd oil. appreciate it!

I buy mine @ Medterra.com they also have monthly discount codes.

thank you!

You can buy cbd oil online from Gamon Weed Dispensary USA where you can find the opportunity to compare the products and its price before buying it. There are many customer in USA which are satisfied with our quality based products.