Cbd seeds what are the best to make cbd oil

Hi, which cbd feminized seeds are the best for indoor grow to make cbd oil


I’d say look for the strain that has highest percentage of CBD. Are you just interested i just n CBD or are you wanting something with THC also?

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Just the cbd so I can make my own cbd oil,

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I would just buy pure CBD powder. Lazarus Naturals, Bluebird, and Charolette’s Web all sell CBD isolates.

There are CBD strains out there, but you are also going to get other cannabiniods and terpines in your distillate if growing your own.


Ilgm strawberry kush CBD gave such dense oily buds, even a year out, the stored buds are sticky! There’s some thc, minor heavy feeling, good for evening…

Harlequin CBD by ILGM also gave somewhat of a decent oil yeild, but the buzz is noticibly upfront and energized… the cbd rounds out all the sharpness sativas normally have, and is great for daytime… not so much oil as kush CBD though


Thanks for that info, I have been looking at the blueberry cbd feminized, by ilgm, and it seems more my speed maybe, high in cbd 15%, and almost all indica, which I need for nerve damage due to type 2 diebetis, anyway it seems to work, but today’s cbd oil is way to expensive, so I’ll try my hand at making my own,


There is a company that has feminized high CBD hemp strains.

Trilogene. I grew a beast and have 3/4th of a gallon of buds. I tried some after harvest. Harsh smoke but I did not feel the paranoia every time I tried THC before. Body high? Calmness. Actually able to enjoy food.

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Have you researched oil extraction methods? Also, investigate when to time the CBD harvest for maximum oil, and little to no THC.

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Yes I have, I’m all set, I grow my own thc, plants and make my own concentrate to vape, it helps to sleep, don’t use it during the day, and when I have nerve damage seizures the cbd oil, stops them for quite a while,

I have done some research and I will give it my best shot, and hopefully make some good cbd oil

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Hi, i would like to ask blackthumbbetty a question about making cbd oil, but dont know how to contact anyone on this form unless i,m in the forum,

Any way my question is , how long do you keep you mct oil and cbd rosin cooking in a water bath ? And what is a good temp to keep the water bath at?
Ok thanks

To extract the CBD substance cannabis plants are utilized. In order to help with pain relief, inflammation reduction, sleep improvement, or other wellness objectives, many consumers purchase products infused with CBD oil.

Since CBD oil is entirely natural, you might assume that the production procedure is straightforward. It is a product of a plant.

Let’s first define CBD oil so that everyone is on the same page.

An oil made from cannabis, either marijuana or hemp, is known as CBD oil. CBD is in a highly concentrated state once it has been extracted from the plant. In order to create the CBD oil utilized in CBD flowers or products, pure CBD oil is combined with additional oils (often referred to as carrier oils).

The steps for creating CBD oil are as follows:

  • The crucial and primary step in the production of CBD oil is a seed. After all, the hemp plant is necessary for the extraction of CBD. You can visit your nearby outlet or online store to buy cannabis flowers online.
  • Once the he hemp has been gathered. Then it is put up to cure in a well-ventilated area (dry out). It is delivered to the manufacturer for extraction after it has completely dried.
  • Extraction is the next step. The technique of extraction involves taking something from something else while removing the undesirable components.
  • CBD is ready to be mixed with a carrier oil once it has been extracted (and in our instance, nano-emulsified). Common oils include grapeseed, hemp, and coconut.
  • Post-production CBD testing ensures that the product continues to meet all requirements, including testing to ensure it still contains cannabinoids and has less than 0.3% THC. For internal use, this test can be performed by CBD firms, but a third-party lab must provide the formal certificate of analysis.

Finally, independent testing is done on the CBD products to ensure their purity. In a nutshell, that is how CBD oil is made.

Do not be afraid my friend, look up all the benefits from all the cannabinoids from cbd plants, and ilgm, seeds have different levels of cbd percentages, and go ahead and talk to your doctor about them, I use cbd oil for nerve pain due to diabetes,
Have a wonderful day

Well, I live in the U.K. I’ve also some indoor CBD plants. Selecting the best CBD feminized seeds for indoor cultivation depends on various factors, including your specific goals, preferences, and the growing conditions you can provide. Here are a few popular CBD-rich strains known for their suitability for indoor cultivation and high CBD content:

  1. Charlotte’s Web:
  • CBD Content: High
  • THC Content: Low
  • Notes: Known for its low THC and high CBD levels, Charlotte’s Web is a popular choice for medical CBD users. It’s often used for oil extraction.
  1. Harlequin:
  • CBD Content: High
  • THC Content: Low to Moderate
  • Notes: Harlequin is a sativa-dominant strain with a CBD-to-THC ratio that can range from 5:2 to 1:1. It’s praised for its ability to induce relaxation without a strong psychoactive effect.
  1. ACDC:
  • CBD Content: High
  • THC Content: Low
  • Notes: ACDC is a high-CBD, low-THC strain that is commonly chosen for its calming effects. It’s often used for making CBD-rich oils.
  1. Ringo’s Gift:
  • CBD Content: High
  • THC Content: Low
  • Notes: Named after cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo, this strain has a higher CBD content and is suitable for indoor cultivation.
  1. Suzy Q:
  • CBD Content: High
  • THC Content: Low
  • Notes: Suzy Q is known for its high CBD content and minimal THC. It’s often chosen for its potential therapeutic benefits.

When growing CBD-rich strains indoors, consider factors such as the available space, lighting setup (LED, HPS, etc.), and environmental controls. It’s also essential to follow proper cultivation practices, including nutrient management, humidity control, and regular monitoring.

Before purchasing seeds, ensure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation.

If possible, seek advice from experienced growers or consult with a professional in the cannabis cultivation industry.

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Are you asking for comments on which is best?
I have grown 2 different strains of high CBD strains.
Harlequin and OG Kush CBD.
Done the Harlequin for several years now. We mix it in with other high THC strains to mellow the high out a bit. Just finished the OG Kush CBD which has less than .3% thc. Have not used any yet.
For trans dermal use in ointments its good to note that THC is not absorbed through skin. I can confirm it because my doctor drug tests me at times due to legal opioid use. I have my hands in extract thc oil all the time and THC doesn’t show up in the tests. CBD does travel through skin so it will help with whatever you rub it on. But I don’t think strains would matter as long as you get a high CBD plant. If you want to smoke it and are looking for flavor I can only talk about Harlequin. Its nothing outstanding as far as taste goes. Its just weed. More like 1970s bag weed than modern strong weed we all grow now.
If you wanted something else just ask.

Hey there! For indoor CBD oil production, I recommend trying high-CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web, ACDC, or Harlequin. They tend to thrive indoors and have good CBD content. Also, make sure to optimize your indoor environment with proper lighting, ventilation, and temperature control. Oh, and when packaging your CBD oil, consider using Custom CBD boxes for a unique and professional touch. Happy growing and extracting!