Best strains for CBD?

We had a very successful first time crop thanks in part to assistance and advice from the helpful folks on this forum.

Our next objective will be to do a growth and harvest for the best quality CBD.

Is there any particular strain that produces a superior CBD? Are there any good reference links regarding this topic?


Are you looking for a CBD only strain without any THC? Or a plant that has high CBD as well as THC?

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ILGM Strawberry Kush CBD taken way into red amber is like the best sleepy medicine with NO concern of THC confusion. Ive also done a run with ILGMs harlequin, so in comparison to the above, harlequin has more of a party feel to it… Like wanting to be around others to giggle and whatnot- at least for the first couple of hours- then the CBD dominates, (or thc metabolizes… however you want to look at it), and it changes to a nap time feel.
Sorry, no reference material…


@JaneQP has experience with plants with very low/no THC, if that’s an interest to you.

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Thx for the tag @Twelve1

I have ventured into growing high CBD feminized hemp this past summer for family members like me that do not tolerate THC well.

The plants are hardy and big. Google Trilogene


I got a couple of trilogene strains. Rosella and Maraschino. Can’t wait for spring, I’m dropping one of each.

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Looking for a high CBD strain for salves and ointments


Look into full spectrum Hemp plants. They will be what you’re looking for. :call_me_hand:t3: