Question about consuming high cbd strain

Hi all,

I am currently growing out several Gorilla Glue girls. I have grown for years, mostly clones of some unknown Sativa strain, but this is my first attempt at professionally bred seeds. So far, so good.

My question is really about what I want to do next. A high CBD variety. I’m hoping for a way to alleviate chronic pain (mostly moderate level, sometimes severe).

Once grown out and harvested, can you simply smoke these buds as you would a THC strain? Or are these really designed to be harvested and then processed into another state (oil, edibles)?

I’m sure I will have many more questions about the entire process of CBD-strain growing if it seems worth my while to do this.

While I’m waiting for that, I did buy a bottle of CBD oil (right here from ILGM) and I am now beginning to appreciate the benefits provided. It really is helpful.

Any insight into how to best consume this would be helpful.
And any recommendations for specific variety to try?

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I know @MrPeat has grown a Peach Puree CBD that has helped him and a few of his friends.


I just dropped two high CBD feminized hemp seeds marketed as smokable. I don’t do THC so they might not be what you are looking for. Google Trilogene.

I have purchased cbd weed for my wife to smoke and she did get some relief from her pain without the high. What seems to work really well is to mix 50/50 and smoke that. The 2 enhance the effects of the other nicely.


I believe the Peach Puree has some THC in it. I’ll let @MrPeat comment on it. I use to do the same thing as you did.

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Have you tried the CBD with delta 8 in it? I tried it and got a slight buzz off it but I only smoke at night.

@ChefJoe Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:

I treat CBD strains the same as my Photo’s.

You smoke CBD like you would any flower.

G13 Lab Peach Puree CBD helps my beyond severe pain. I had 2 Cancer patients that said it took their pain away.

Want to get torched with pain management try Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD. If you grow this one, be prepared to get hit by a freight train.

As for Peach Puree CBD ratios. Its 1:2 which means up to 5% THC and 10% CBD. I really love Peach as I can still function. Everyone reacts differently so take this with a grain of salt.

@Allinherhead They call mixing more than one strain together a Salad Bowl in Amsterdam. The most I have ever mixed was 12 to 15 different strains. All selected for helping with certain medical problems like for pain.

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Thanks for all of the helpful replies.

@Allinherhead That’s something I may try. When I get around to growing some CBD, I will probably do a few CDB girls alongside a few THC girls, so blending won’t be a problem.

@Deepsix I’m brand new to all things CBD, so I have never heard of this. Which varieties are likely to have Delta 8? How does this compare to other CBD varieties?

@MrPeat Thanks for that. I’ll keep the idea of Peach Puree in the back of my mind while I experiment with varieties.
And – I am rather fond of trains! ::


A lot of vape shops that sell CBD flower will have the CBD flower with delta 8 both are legal in all the states. The only difference is the one with delta 8 you may not pass a drug test.