Which strain for cannabis oil?

A question from a fellow grower:

could you tell me the best plant (autoflowering) for making cannabis oil for medical purposes?

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It depends on what you need the cannabis oil to contain. Do you need high CBD without high THC? Do you want both to be high?

Some of this info is available in the seed shop in the descriptions of the seeds themselves.

I have not grown a lot of autos so i can’t offer any recommendations from experience.

I need oil that can cure cancer and tummor cells, cbd should be probably high.

Blueberry autoflower has a good level of CBD’s. It is the only strain I have found that takes away my migraine headaches. Those CBD’s really do something. I have seen the positive effects Marijuana, in general, has had on cancer patients. God bless ya bother, stay strong and positive!


Thanks bro, if any1 here had any experience with making oil, just tell me, coz this will be my first time, so how much weed can i get from 5 seeds of autflowering blueberry then how much oil from that weed?

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There is a topic some where in this forum. Plus you can google “Rick Simpson”
His web site has his recipe on it. Plus there is you tube vids of making oil.

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It is all about how potent of a strain you want to use. Yuo can make nice hash oil with good dried and cured weed grown from good genetics; Using mostly “trim”. It is all about how many buds you grind up for the product.

Any strain with a nice trichome presence will do :slight_smile:

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In the Rick Simpson info, he recommends Indica or Indica dominant with 20% or higher THC. A combination of various strains was also recommended in making the oil. I am a total beginner at this and am researching to grow my own for medical use which will be legal in Oregon on July 1st. I have looked at the high THC strains on your website, but only find one that seems to fit this criteria. Although Rick doesn’t really address CBD levels (that I have found so far), I would think that would also be important because some forums seem to think that CBD is more important. It’s all somewhat confusing so any comments would be helpful as to what kind of seeds I need to purchase. I am interested in reducing tumor growth.
Thanks so much!

I would have to say golden leaf is probably your best bet for medicinal benefits of both THC and CBD.

Thank you! I appreciate any input and look forward to harvesting lots of good info from this forum!

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