Hi all,
Last February my wife underwent a mastectomy because of breast cancer, after evaluating the options available for her condition she decided to forgo chemo and radiation treatment and has opted for a natural approach – change of diet and various supplements. Also a member of our family had a skin cancer growth (melanoma) surgically removed. To cut the story short I was wondering what marijuana strain is best for treating these types of cancer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

All our strains are top level cannabinoid producers.

You can find our seed strains and the general effect experienced here:

And here is a link from the National Cancer Institute regarding this topic:

There is some evidence tumor growth can be stopped or reversed, good proper medical evidence, but I would never do anything against the recommendations of your wife’s doctors and the benefits would most likely be most successful in combination with traditional therapies under the supervision of your doctor.

We are very sorry to hear about your Wife’s Cancer. I hope we can help you grow the necessary “Meds”, you need.

I like the stains of Hack Herer, Northern Lights, Blueberry; And, As McG posted for you. We have a great seedbank of high qiality genetics. So put on some nice Music and read through all the Medical strains. i find I can always identify what I think would work best for me. Peace, and “Blessings”

Hi all,

Many thanks for your responses to my enquiry and the advice given.

I ordered some seeds earlier today so I will wait until this time next week and order some Blueberry which appears to fit the description of what is needed.

I must so though the picture of the Purple Haze caught my eye… if there is no problem in getting the seeds through the system I will be back to order some of those.

Once again thanks for your help and Peace and Blessings to you all.

It is kind of you to thank us. I think you will love the Blueberry. I am looking forward to supporting you and your grow efforts.
We would love to help you start off successfully; So, I would love to help you figure out the best way for you to design a system, and guide you, how to produce a perpetual grow. Let me know.:slight_smile: