When to transplant your seedlings to there forever home

I have my seedlings in a jiffy Peet cup with these types your able to plant the whole cup. Without having to disturb the roots. I don’t need to have them close together because of the light I have. So my question is can I put them in their forever homes at the size they are now. If it’s a don’t do it yet can you explain y. Thanks.


I’d cut the bottoms out of them beforehand so the roots have an easier time going free range chicken.


Looking good! I myself have my younglings in solo cups, and they are about ready to move into their forever homes as we have entered the first week of veg! This is about the 3 weeks mark and I think I’m going to be moving them at the end of this upcoming week. Best to search around at others transplant attempts and see what you can find. I personally would let them develop a couple of true leaves and a heftier stem, that way their is less shock to your babies. Good luck on your journey!!!


The two in the far end are purple haze about a month old the others are autos. And about two weeks behind. Do they look to be on track.

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A month? They look pretty small to be a month old. I don’t have a recent picture on my phone, but this pic I have from my camera in my grow tent can show you my ladies. They are 3 weeks old tomorrow, and the one one the way left is Blue dream as well! You should post more specs about your grow area and what you’re using in terms of grow medium (ie coco, soil, hydro) and what type of water and the pH, light cycles etc. that can really help us, help you!:slight_smile:

Lmao I just realized this was the wrong photo :joy: