When to transplant seedlings?

Hello everyone. I just finished reading all literature as to when to transplant. Its saying when seedlings are 2 to 4 inches. My seedling are about 3 inches, but they are only 3 days old. I am growing indoors, no grow tent. Growing banner and california dreaming. Medium is jiffy seed starting soil in jiffy pots. Seedlings will be transplanted into 3 gallon plastic pots with espoma organic potting mix. I just achieved appropriate temp and humidity. Once they are in the bigger pots i will have to regulate everything again. I guess my question is…when do you, personally, transplant your seedlings? Has anyone noticed differences between transplanting or growing in original container? I bought the bergmen fertilizer which has a seedling packet. When should i start to fertilize? I am a brand new marijuanna grower, which is VERY different than a vegetable grower, which i have some experience with. Thanks for all your input.

I transplant when the leaves reach the sides of the solo cup. Do you have any pics of the seedling?



IMO I say a couple weeks. There looking good not to much stretching


I agree and don’t transplant my seedlings until their leaves are over the pot edge. U have a good bit of time in those pods.

No nutrients at all in this stage. They have everything they need. In about a week, you may introduce minimal amounts of nutes, but dont rush it. Less is more at this stage


Thanks deep and purple. Lol. Does anyone else have any experience with my above questions?

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A couple comments:

seed starter has very little nutritional value. You can’t leave the seedlings in the seedling starter too long or the growth will slow if you don’t keep them fed. In the future I suggest putting some potting soil in the bottom of the pot with seed starter on top. It will give your plants what they need until time to transplant.

Peat pots aren’t the best for growing cannabis. It takes too long for the roots to grow through it. I suggest when the time comes to transplant cut the bottom out of the pot so the roots can reach soil easier. Many growers here use large plastic solo beverage cups to start the seedlings, I use small plastic pots. Transplanting from smaller pots to a final home seems to get the plants off to a faster start then starting them in their final pots.

I transplant seedlings when the leaves extend beyond the edges of the pot on all sides.

You need to feed when the growing medium has its nutritional value consumed. It is determined by tracking input and runoff. Lots of discussions on using ppm (parts per million) to track nutritional needs.

If you are growing in soil you can get 4-6 weeks before fertilization depending on size of the pot. Bigger the pot the longer it takes to consume what the plant needs to thrive. Again, because of the seed starter, the plants will need to be transplanted or fed as soon as the starting set of leaves are consumed and die off.

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Possibly. Everyone runs different equipment and is in at least slightly different climates. But from start to finish its probably a sure thing you will need to tweak some things.

Like the others said, don’t do it until your leaves are extending outside of pot they’re in. You could go longer if you want, but don’t do it earlier.

Absolutely. Plants started in large pot will stall for a while building root mass. In most cases a 2 week old plant started in large pot will be smaller than 2 week old plant started in small pot.

Watch the 2 small round leaves that popped first. If you see them starting to turn yellow you will need to feed if not moving to media that already has a nutrient charge.

Think more like tomato or pepper plants than leafy greens. Still not the same, but if you can do one you can do the other.


If by any chance they are in peat pots lose the peat before planting, never plant the peat pots like there manufacturer says. for whatever reason they stunt the plants. I’ve learned from school of hard knocks.


My first grow I used the …at the time …recommended peat pellets…The second time around I sliced them with a razor blade on the sides to allow the roots to expand freely…third time after harvest and after I pulled the plants up and noticed the roots and how I thought they could have been bigger had I not used peat pellets…I decided to expand the remaining pellets sans the netting and used the peat medium for solo cups…Live and Learn…