Transplant: Now or Later?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Hello, I am currently growing 5 sour diesel feminized seeds. All 5 have sprouted and are small and healthy. I am growing in soil, in a grow tent, using CFL Lighting, I plan on purchasing a better light, but can’t at the moment, due to cash flow. My question is, I have 2 of the seedlings in one 3 gallon pot, and the other 3 seedlings in another 3 gallon pot. Should I transplant my baby plants into seperate pots, and what size…?? Or can I leave them be. If I do need to transplant my plants, should I do it now or wait until they are bigger, they are about 2 inches tall right now, they sprouted thru the soil on July 10th. Any help would be greatly appreciated”

You want to get each one into a 5 gallon pot asap. Best to start each in a six inch pot next time. Multiple plants in one pot is always asking for trouble!

You should always start your plants individually. You do not want to have the roots grow together and have to damage them in order to untangle the roots from each other plant.

How to start seeds in soil:

  1. Use no bigger than a 3" nursery pot or “solo” cup.
  2. after plant has 5-6 alternating nodes, transplant to 1 gallon nursery pot. When plant is 10-16" tall…
  3. transplant to 3 gallon or 5 gallon pot for finishing the veg cycle, and flower no less than 2 weeks after final transplant. :slight_smile:

Happy growing, lw


I start with 5" pots, as it’s easier to regulate the water. The first week or two, you need next to no water, I like to drizzle water around the pot edge, so the roots seek out the water. Also give them a mist.

About week two I’ll give them a good water, then leave them untill dry, then repeat. Usually takes 3 days between waters. Unless it’s really hot cold.

About week 3/4 I’ll move to a 12" pot for about two weeks, doing the same, drown and dry out routine, then move them to thir final home, either a 5 or 3 gallon bag. This is where the I’ll feed for the first time, though it’s probably not needed as the soil is fresh again.

I do the same same drown and dry routine, but will add seaweed extra to each water. Usually 3/4 days heat depending.

I’ll then feed next about 3 weeks later. Which will be close to flower switch time.

That’s my loose routine. Probably not the most efficient, but it’s a good place to start.