When to transplant your girls?

How do you know when it’s time to transplant your girls? Do I need to wait to see.the roots out the bottom or would that be to late?

It’s good to see the roots. Nice and white. Usually when the stem is strong and supporting the new leafs well


Sometimes the plant will have to tell you. I just transplanted a Sour Diesel that was stalled out at it’s first two leaves for a month and I repotted it to find a huge root ball. Transplant into an 8 inch pot (weird looking) and she took off.


I personally only transplant once. I start in peat pots then transplant into a 5 gallon bucket with lots of drainage holes. I isialy transplant when they are 3" tall or so regardless if I see roots or not but that’s just me but it has worked for me so far so I stick with it.

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