How soon can I transplant my young girls?

First, let me thank all of you who have replied to my beginner questions and those whose posts have helped my knowledge.

I may be rushing things but my babies are now about 4" tall with a few leaves branching out of the tip of the stem. They were germinated in little peat pucks then transplanted into some 3" peat pots with MG.
The strain is White Widow, feminized and auto-flowering. I don’t see any roots at the bottoms of the peat pots yet. On the advice of this forum,I have upgraded my lighting and added a more substantial fan.
I have set up two grow bags with Happy Frog potting soil.
Should I just chill and wait to see roots or can I put the peat pots into the grow bags now?
Many Thanks in advance. Peace.

The one on the right looks like it may have a chance. As far as the other two…I think they have gone to far :frowning: I would put all your love and attention to the small girl on the right :wink:

And lower your lights so it stops growing up towards it :slight_smile:


?? The only thing I see wrong with the two on the left is they are a bit stretchy, but looks like @Santiago is trying to remedy that with the twist ties, better lighting and fans.

How old are these girls @Santiago? and when did you last transplant them into their current pots? My thoughts are I would transplant soon and bury the stems so they are not so leggy. I have little to no experience with autos, but I have heard that you don’t want to transplant them too much, so I would put them in their forever home for the next transplant.

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You need to get them into 5 gal pots A.S.A.P my friend and up need to sink them in there about an 1/2 inch from where the leafs start and also put water in the hole before you put the plant in there because your hole is going to be deep as hell and it will take a lot of water to reach the roots at first watering.

Will P.S DON’T WAIT !!


Thanks, everyone. They are currently resting on top of the grow bags I
prepared today so effectively the lights are much closer than they have
I will plant them in the grow bags tomorrow when I have better fine muscle
control. :thinking:
The stems on those two are leggy because I was not giving them enough
light. I hope that is fixed now. I’m only growing two plants and will give
one away to a friend.
Should I cut slits in the 3 inch peat pots before moving them to the seven
gal bags?
Many Thanks.

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Thanks Again.
I have dug deep holes for the plants, watered the hole well and planted the peat pots in the seven gallon grow bags with Frog Farm soil.
I also have the Fox Farm trio of nutrients for feeding. The stems are sticking out maybe 3/4 inches above the soil. I heavily watered the two pots I’m using and all looks well.
The third plant I’m saving for my friend is now in a six-inch pot for him to pick up.
Again many thanks for your advice.

Good deal @Santiago congrats on starting your first grow and very cool that you started a plant for a buddy it will be a fun experience haveing a local grow buddy that you trust.

Gardening comes naturally to my friend. Me not so much so I’m relying on this forum and some books.
He got a clone from a friend and offered me one. I’m growing in limited space so I chose White Widow and I’m growing in an aquarium in my living room. I’m mostly growing for hobby value and to see what I come up with. It’s also a way to celebrate the end of Prohibition here in MA.
Thanks again for all the help.